Mission Statement

The Nuke Mars website is an online journal of speculative reality focusing on the relationship between fiction and classical liberal ideas.

This site will be named The NukeMars.com Journal of Speculative Reality. It will be a scholarly publication focusing on academic quality articles about speculative reality and its relationship to classical liberalism. The journal will publish articles covering a wide variety of subject matter including horror, speculative history, science fiction, fantasy, feminism and race in speculative literature, sexuality in speculative fiction, speculative politics, speculative capitalism, speculative science, and critical literary analysis. The journal’s goal is to explore the interchange between literature and culture through the lens of genre fiction and classical liberal thought. To accomplish this the journal seeks to provide a space to expand and develop a critical, theoretical, and culturally relevant conversation about speculative reality. The articles published by the journal seek to augment our understanding of the issues that challenge our culture.

If you have any questions about our research goals please contact us at jbaird@nukemars.com

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