Jonathan David Baird

Born and raised in the South Mountain area of Appalachia. Jonathan David Baird has worked professionally as an archaeologist since 1994. He has a masters degree in English literature from Fort Hays State University. His focus of study was the influence of Darwin’s theory on late 19th century Gothic horror literature. He also has a masters from Ft Hays in American history with a focus on the frontier and frontier mythology.

In 2014 Jonathan was elected and served for for two years as one of the district supervisors for Soil and Water in Burke County, North Carolina only leaving due to his move out of the district.

Jonathan has an avid interest in medieval combat and fought at Battle of the Nations (the world championship of medieval combat) in 2017. Besides medieval combat his interests include traditional skills, primitive technology, and ethnobotany.

In 2018 Jonathan completed the MFA program at Lindenwood University and is currently working towards his PhD. in history at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. 

Jonathan blogs at (A Journal of Speculative Reality), he has written for and edited several anthology collections, he also writes comics and his comic Dark Maiden debuted in the top ten e-comics in the world.
Jonathan is a Melungeon. Melungeons are a multi-racial group (Portuguese (European), African, East Asian, and Native American) originating in the Appalachian Mountains.

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This bears mentioning because I get attacked from every side. I am not a Republican, I am not a Democrat (although at this moment I am registered as one), I am not a Libertarian. I have fiddled with all three parties because I like politics. I am a classical liberal. This does not mean, as many suppose, that I am a Libertarian. I am something else. I agree with parts of all three of the major parties. I agree with the civil liberties plank of the Libertarians, I agree with the financial plank (somewhat) of the Republicans, and I agree with the social welfare plank of the Democrats. I think all three can be accomplished. I believe we can have that “Star Trek Future” but it is not going to happen with the three parties we have now and there is nothing I can do about that. I will no longer take a side.

Saying this, I open myself up to hatred from all sides because there is no room for dissension in the ranks. Diversity of thought is dead, one is not allowed to pick and choose the best, it seems one must grasp all the ideology or nothing. I only ask to be taken as an individual, not as a label. I am a mosaic, not a uniform.

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