The Secret History of Costumed Heroes Part 1: Victorian Superbeings Invade London

Masks and costumes have been a part of human culture since man first began making art. We disguised ourselves as animals with the belief that sympathetic magic would endow us with the physical and mental aspects of these creatures. I have long been fascinated by werewolf mythology and the origins of the man/wolf hybrid. A major aspect of the werewolf myth is the belief a man  could take on the animal form by wearing it's skin. I believe that our modern conception of the comic book superhero derives Read more [...]

Seductive Beasts: The Female Werewolf in Victorian Literature

      The most exotic and interesting of all werewolves  must be the female werewolf. While the she-wolf is rare in any period's literature, she does appear in the Victorian period quite a few times. Her appearance in literature is much rarer than in the oral history of lycanthropy which is full of women changing into wolves at night. When she does appear the she-wolf is often a sexual beast. She uses her dual nature and female charms to ensnare her prey. She is also a vehicle for at least Read more [...]

“Virgin Land” by Henry Nash Smith: A Starting Point for the American Steampunk Movement

  Virgin Land by Henry Nash Smith is not your typical history text. It is not a retelling of the story of the west or the frontier. It is an examination of how Americans view western expansion through the myths, legends, and symbolic culture associated with it. Smith delves into the topic of what the West and the frontier meant to the American psyche. This is not a book which discusses established history but a book about what people believe about their past. This exploration of the American Read more [...]

The SteamGoth Anthology Series

  I hate to make blatant plugs for things that I have written or I am involved in, however I will make one exception for the SteamGoth Anthology series. For those who are not familiar with SteamPunk or SteamGoth this is a great primer into the genre. SteamPunk stories take the Victorian era and add science fiction elements to create an alternate world which is more often than not powered by steam and 19th century science. SteamGoth is the slightly darker half-brother of the SteamPunk movement. Read more [...]