Cultural Discordance and the Evolution of Chivalry: Western European Conflict as Moral Imperative

The philosophical concepts of Chivalry develop from a mixture of what seem to be essentially two incompatible ethical systems; The Judeo-Christian ethical system and the warrior virtues of the Celtic/German tribal people of Europe. These two systems on the surface do not seem compatible and taken together should mix as well as oil and water. The ideology of Christ and that of the tribal people of Europe are in opposition in almost every way. So how did these two systems come together to form the Read more [...]

Countdown to Interstellar: The Warp Drive in Hard Science Fiction….2….Gregory Benford

Gregory Benford and Relativistic Effects     I once attended a talk given by renowned mathematical physicist Roger Penrose where he described binary pulsars as the most beautiful objects in the universe, as they fulfill every prediction made by the Theory of Relativity. Similarly, the stories of Gregory Benford are among the most beautifully written in science fiction, not just because of their prose but how they illuminate the laws and hidden facets of the universe. As a physicist Read more [...]

Lucifer’s Hammer – Book Review

There are some books you plan to read, but never seem to get around to it.  In the case of Lucifer's Hammer, this was true for me.  I like Larry Niven's work, so I felt this would be a good read. I was not disappointed. The story is a simple one - a comet is approaching earth and will strike it.  The book deals with three phases of this event: The time when the comet approaches, the actual strike of the comet and the aftermath. The characters are varied and come from different walks of life.  Read more [...]

The Lucifer’s Hammer Scenario

I am currently reading Lucifer's Hammer and I definitely find it fascinating.  I am usually turned off by disaster stories because there always seems to be a resolution where everything goes back to the way it was with very little if any change.  This book is definitely not that at all.  If anything this is one of the most realistic 'future' views of such a disaster.  A comet (or similar body) striking earth is most definitely a real scenario civilization may have to face at anytime. The Read more [...]

Space Colonization – It Ain’t Like Dusting Crops

If mankind is going to reach for the stars, it is most certainly going to involve some way to travel faster than light speed.  A recent post on this very site, reported the fact that certain scientists are considering warp drive as a possibility.  I am skeptical of such things but then again I am not a scientist.  My thoughts are that this is going to take a while regardless but there two basic schools of thought on how this is going to develop.  1) That we are going to have to colonize Read more [...]

Warp Drive? We May Have Had a Breakthrough (cautious optimism)

  According to Yahoo News we may have had a breakthrough that will allow faster than light travel with low energy consumption. I have read the article...HERE....I don't know if I believe they can really do it.  I relish the chance to try. The problem, as I see it, is the exotic matter ring. Producing it is still beyond our capabilities, as far as I know, but the scientists mentioned in the article seem confident they can produce a warp drive effect in the lab on small scales. We will keep Read more [...]

Scientific (Quantum) Immortality

I have long been fascinated by the idea that the universe is not actually a singular object but made up of a multiverse comprised of an infinite number of "universes". Each of these "universes" seemingly  branch off into new universes at every possible action or inaction. This idea is staggering in it's immensity. It seems like science fiction and it has certainly been a staple of science fiction for at least forty years. It may have remained science fiction but fortunately I am not alone in believing Read more [...]

Asperger’s Man- The Search for Multi-Regional Human Speciation Part 2

Could a Majority Aspergers Society Survive? Aspergers is categorized as a dysfunction, but why would a society comprised of all aspies (affectionate term for Aspergers) be dysfunctional? There is nothing inherently dysfunctional about an individual with Aspergers. A society comprised of all aspies would be different socially and culturally than one comprised mostly of NTs (neurotypical or normal person) but not impossible or even improbable. Strength is not a problem in Aspergers they are no Read more [...]

Asperger’s Man- The Search for Multi-Regional Human Speciation Part 1

  Introduction My first love will always be archaeology and the study of what makes us human.This article is speculation. This is my personal musing on the development of certain psychological and physiological human traits. This is not to be taken as anything but my personal opinion. I have no evidence that there was an Asperger's man. This article was also written several years ago and since then more evidence for the possibility of interbreeding with other hominids has come to light in Russia Read more [...]