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Freehold Television

Freehold Television

“There is nothing wrong with your computer.

Do not attempt to wiggle the video cable. 

We are controlling the Internet data packets.

We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your computer.

You are about to participate in a grand adventure. You are about to experience the liberty and freedom which reaches from the linear processor to… THE Freehold”



I am proud to announce that the Freehold will be moving into visual media in the very near future (this weekend). I have purchased some professional quality video equipment and I will be documenting the “Self Reliance Expo” that is occurring in Hickory, NC this weekend.  The keynote speaker on Saturday will be William Forstchen – author of One Second After. I hope to corner him and get at least a few words if I can manage it. Please stay tuned and we look forward to bringing you quality news from the science fiction and fantasy world… with video.