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Nuke it from Orbit- Part Two of We Must Nuke Mars Now Before It Is Too Late

The year is 1987 and a 17 year old has an epiphany. That 17 year old was me and I was a Junior in high school. While I was obsessed with sex like all other teen males, I was also obsessed with science fiction. Heinlein in particular was my favorite and still is all these years later. This infatuation with Heinlein made me a little more militant and a lot less liberal than my fellow students. Don’t get me wrong all teens are liberals to some extent and in my own way I wanted to save the environment. My plan was to seed Mars with Earth life and recreate the garden Earth. Of course I was naive and full of liberal clap trap fed to me by teachers, but I still had a germ of an idea that I would not let go.  How to terraform Mars in my lifetime? I decided to learn why Mars is not habitable now rather than learn how people wanted to terraform it.

I suffer or am blessed with aspergers depending on how you see it. That means I often see problems reversed from the way other people see them. So I came at this problem, like so many, backwards and it quickly gave me a solution. This was years before the internet and I realize now that others had thought of this before me, but I had come up with this idea on my own. My idea was to NUKE the hell out of Mars. I wanted to do something Robert Heinlein had taught me….I wanted to use  “naked force” to solve a problem.

“Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any
other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst.
Nations and peoples who forget this basic truth have always paid for it
with their lives and freedoms.” Robert Anson Heinlein

I didn’t want to nuke it randomly. I wanted to apply pressure through the use of Nukes at strategic points on the plant’s surface. To create on the planet the optimum conditions to produce a runway greenhouse effect. A grid of Nuclear explosions over the North and South poles of Mars during the Martian summer would accomplish the goal. These explosions would melt the Carbon Dioxide trapped in the poles and the carbon ash fallout would blanket the remaining ice raising the albedo of the poles. The water ice that wasn’t instantly unfrozen would unfreeze in the warmer temperatures of a world with a much denser CO2 atmosphere. Simple and elegant, it would be the most effective use of “Naked Force” in the history of man.

Not many years later I would be on the internet and I got in touch with several physicists and NASA personnel always pushing my idea, which I had learned by then was not unique. I always got the same answer. Doing something like this would bring out the anti-nuke nuts in droves and even if it was a good idea it would never happen. Well folks, time is running out. If we conservatives win this Presidential election and are able to maintain control of the House and take the Senate this will be our last chance to poke the environmentalists in the eye and make a new home for ourselves. It won’t render Mars inhabitable but it will take it a long long way down the path.

We must nuke Mars now, time is running out!!!!!

We Must Nuke Mars Now Before It Is Too Late

Every other site on the net is discussing the Curiosity rover touchdown last night. I am as excited as the next person and we did a story on it last week. There is little for me to say that hasn’t been said better on a hundred different web sites and TV channels.  The massive coverage is great. I never thought we as a nation would get excited about space again. When the progressives slashed NASA to the bone four years ago I was sure we were done. Now that the rover is on the surface and people are excited again I want to look beyond just these robotic ventures to mankind’s destiny on Mars.

There are several programs working to place men on Mars and some mean for humans to stay on the planet as colonists. I think the Mars One project is getting a little ahead of itself.  I do however applaud the ambition of Mars One project to have permanent settlements on Mars by 2023, but there is some initial ground work we need to do first, and it can be accomplished by 2023.

I am talking about terraforming Mars, and no it does not take hundreds of years to make Mars a much more habitable place than it is now. What it takes is the will to make it happen and the will to buck the environmentalist wackos that have stymied the space program over the years. The left is quick to tell you how much more scientifically literate they are compared to anyone on the right. They will tell anyone who will listen that conservatives, libertarians, and even objectivists could care less about science and science education. It is all a lie. The progressive left is the biggest obstacle to scientific advancement that has ever faced this country. The left destroyed the promising nuclear rocket program of the 1960s. That program was developing rocket engines that could have taken us across the solar system in weeks instead of years. The left left has all but gutted NASA in favor of Muslim outreach (see link HERE) and mothballed our space program as well as the next generation of shuttles in favor of a corrupt welfare system which wastes more money on fraudulent payouts in one week than NASA has budgeted for an entire year.

The left is no friend of science and on top of that the progressive left is at heart controlled by the environmental movement. An environmental movement enamored by a fascination with luddite solutions to all problems. In fact if these people such as Steve Chu who is Obama’s Secretary of Energy and has expressed the opinion that this nation needs to pay more for energy (so we quit driving and we eliminate suburban areas), and Cass Sunstein who was Obama’s regulatory Czar (who wrote a book about how rocks and trees should be given the right to sue landowners for damages) get their way there is no way on Earth and especially Mars that we will advance any further technologically. In fact these are the people that will force environmental regulations on anyone who think they can utilize the Martian environment. We as a society need to act now and act decisively to make Mars ready for habitation before the progressive law makers make that all but impossible.

How do we accomplish this feat? How do we terraform Mars in a manner that is quick and efficient and can be accomplished with current technology? I suggest we Nuke the Red Planet till it glows.

Post to be continued……..(and you thought I would just tell you why we should nuke Mars. Think about it until I post the second half of the article)

Orexin-A    The End of Sleep

Orexin-A The End of Sleep

What would you do if you had over one third of your life to live again. That is what a black book DARPA program is attempting by replicating the effects of Orexin-A. Orexin-A is a neuropeptide that is produced in the brain to excite neurons into action. Without Orexin-A humans and other animals would become narcoleptic and fall to sleep without warning. An abundance of Orexin-A prevents sleep even rendering the subjects who have taken it wide awake and feeling like they have had hours of restful sleep.  DARPA is studying this substance to create a drug which will provide them super soldiers that never need to sleep. Now that is fine for DARPA, but imagine the non-military applications of a drug like this.

According to the sources I have read Orexin-A is not addictive and has no negative side effects. It does however render a sleepy subject wide awake and gives him increased libido, cognitive function, and increases muscle activity. This stuff is basically mega coffee with a little Viagra mixed in. It may not be physically addictive but I can guarantee people are going to abuse the hell out of this. I certainly would use it. Imagine no more jet lag, no more sleep breaks when driving across country, not to mention making a night job bearable. For some of you this could mean no more sleep breaks while playing video games. Imagine 72 hour marathon gaming sessions without any sleep related fatigue. This is the stuff of real science fiction. Where do I sign up to get a bottle?

I have just been informed that this is the type of drug that is always in development just before a zombie outbreak. So if you use it beware of zombie inducing side effects.

This Weekend We Once Again Return to Mars

This Weekend We Once Again Return to Mars

No, this is not an article about the new Total Recall movie.

The next generation of NASA rovers will be landing on Mars this Sunday. I have always been a supporter of NASA. One of the reasons I have supported NASA is that it is the only government program that has consistently made more money than had been invested into it. This was accomplished through the licensing of technology developed over the years by NASA scientists.  As a consequence of this success it has been perpetually underfunded and the money and ideas derived from NASA projects have been wasted in other areas rather than invested back into the program. Of course the current administration has cut back NASA more than any previous administration and so today America can not even lift an Astronaut into space for the first time in 50 years.

Luckily this rover project was funded and the money spent before the current presidential officeholder came into power or it too would have been mothballed in favor of the new NASA mission…Muslim outreach.

In honor of NASA and their success please take a minute to consider life in this country without the pittance that has been spent on the space program. Here are five everyday items that we owe to NASA.

1. The computer you are reading this on is a direct result of technology developed for the Apollo program.

2. Modern Home insulation. How much money in heating and cooling has NASA saved you over the years? I bet it is more money than you paid in taxes that went to fund NASA.

3. GPS – did you use yours today?

4. Satellite communication- Almost every communication device we use goes through a satellite network. Without NASA the technology to launch and maintain those satellites would never have been developed.

5. Fly by Wire systems- When you see commercial airliners fly over head the intricate flight paths and flight systems are direct descendants of the same systems used in the Apollo program. Think about that the next time you fly.

NASA is one of the few programs where I feel my tax money is used wisely.

If you want to read a more technical report of technology that has been developed as a result of just the Space Shuttle program please read this article.

Scientists create a solid material six times lighter than air…and all they can think about using it for is batteries?

Scientists create a solid material six times lighter than air…and all they can think about using it for is batteries?–new-lighter-than-air-material-may-be-holy-grail-for-batteries

Ok it is nice that this material could make lighter more powerful batteries but did these guys consider the real possibilities of this material? Obviously not.

I want to bring to your attention a Roleplaying game from the late 1980’s called Space 1889. This was one of the first forays into the Steampunk genre and it included a substance called liftwood which could only be found growing on Mars. Liftwood was different from this material because it had an anti-gravitational property but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in similar ways.Here are five ways that this material could be used to make life easier and quite a bit more fun.

1. The material is lighter than air and solid……Why not build Sky Ships.

These ships would be made almost entirely out of the new material and be balanced to stay upright. They will need a way to stay aloft because condensing this material increases the weight above that of air but the weight savings for air vehicles using this compared to traditional building materials would be massive. You could sail the oceans of the air with actual sails kept aloft by something as simple as a lawn mower engine driven propeller. Finally I get my flying car.

2. Lighter than air cloth. All those scifi and fantasy stories where characters wore clothing that seemed to float about them or flow from them can be realized with this material. The cosplay aspects of this alone are endless.

3. Balls of this material could be used as packing peanuts. Is that package you are sending across the country costing an arm and a leg to send. Instead of Styrofoam, stuff it full of peanuts made from this material and the package will almost deliver itself. The post office accounting section is going to hate this stuff but the postal carriers are going to love it.

4. Perfectly weighted signs made of this stuff and containing helium will replace balloon advertising. In fact balloons will seem old fashioned and archaic. Anything that a balloon was used for will be accomplished more efficiently with this material but it will be able to be made into any shape you want. Balloons made to resemble dragons or spaceships but instead of being limited to the the roundness of balloons they will have aerodynamic lines. Forget traditional weather balloons when you can use this stuff.

5. The military applications are almost unlimited. I would be surprised if some smart guy at the pentagon isn’t already all over this stuff. Floating spy drones are just the beginning of the military applications. Suddenly the Shield Helicarrier isn’t as stupid an idea as it seems.