Nuke it from Orbit- Part Two of We Must Nuke Mars Now Before It Is Too Late

The year is 1987 and a 17 year old has an epiphany. That 17 year old was me and I was a Junior in high school. While I was obsessed with sex like all other teen males, I was also obsessed with science fiction. Heinlein in particular was my favorite and still is all these years later. This infatuation with Heinlein made me a little more militant and a lot less liberal than my fellow students. Don't get me wrong all teens are liberals to some extent and in my own way I wanted to save the environment. Read more [...]

We Must Nuke Mars Now Before It Is Too Late

Every other site on the net is discussing the Curiosity rover touchdown last night. I am as excited as the next person and we did a story on it last week. There is little for me to say that hasn't been said better on a hundred different web sites and TV channels.  The massive coverage is great. I never thought we as a nation would get excited about space again. When the progressives slashed NASA to the bone four years ago I was sure we were done. Now that the rover is on the surface and people Read more [...]

Orexin-A The End of Sleep

What would you do if you had over one third of your life to live again. That is what a black book DARPA program is attempting by replicating the effects of Orexin-A. Orexin-A is a neuropeptide that is produced in the brain to excite neurons into action. Without Orexin-A humans and other animals would become narcoleptic and fall to sleep without warning. An abundance of Orexin-A prevents sleep even rendering the subjects who have taken it wide awake and feeling like they have had hours of restful Read more [...]

This Weekend We Once Again Return to Mars

No, this is not an article about the new Total Recall movie. The next generation of NASA rovers will be landing on Mars this Sunday. I have always been a supporter of NASA. One of the reasons I have supported NASA is that it is the only government program that has consistently made more money than had been invested into it. This was accomplished through the licensing of technology developed over the years by NASA scientists.  As a consequence of this success it has been perpetually underfunded Read more [...]

Scientists create a solid material six times lighter than air…and all they can think about using it for is batteries?

  http://www.thestar.com/news/world/article/1230374--new-lighter-than-air-material-may-be-holy-grail-for-batteries Ok it is nice that this material could make lighter more powerful batteries but did these guys consider the real possibilities of this material? Obviously not. I want to bring to your attention a Roleplaying game from the late 1980's called Space 1889. This was one of the first forays into the Steampunk genre and it included a substance called liftwood which could only be found Read more [...]