The Conspiracy of Dunces: Why Liberty Minded People Need to Go Back to School

I wrote an article, not that long ago, on a similar subject called The Manchurian Professor: Stealing America Back From the Socialists. This essay should be considered part two of that article. I want you to consider for a moment a situation. The situation involves the collapse of this country and its government under the weight of socialism. In this situation you need as many survival skills as necessary. You need to be the person Sarah A. Hoyt is talking about in her article entitled Because We're Read more [...]

A True History of Bacon and the Celtic Gods

Let me tell you a story about the Celtic gods. Being immortal (and bored) the gods of the Celts often held contests among themselves and made wagers. Being the Celtic pantheon they were always hungry, and so the gods decided that one food must be chosen to represent their greatness. A wager was struck, and the gods agreed that Man would decide. Celtic tribes from all over Europe were gathered together to vote for which food would be the fit for the gods. Each god spoke in turn to the people... Lugh, Read more [...]

The Real Thing: An Intellectual Defense of Howard Hawks and Christian Nyby’s The Thing From Another World

  If you were to survey most of the reviews on the Internet, you probably wouldn't realize that The Thing From Another World has not only long been considered to be a classic, but is one of the most important science fiction films ever made. And if you're using the Internet exclusively as a resource, that's part of the whole problem. Although even the very best science fiction films of the Fifties have had to struggle against unfair blanket criticisms and mischaracterizations, the case Read more [...]

The Greatest Challenge to the 1st Amendment: A Follow Up

The Government has forced Cody Wilson's company, Defense Distributed, to take down his designs for 3D printed firearms. I can't say I'm surprised, and if you had read my other article earlier in the week you would understand why: This is a blatant attack on the first amendment. Forget, for a minute, that these plans can be used to create guns. What is the difference between banning these plans from distribution, and banning a book? There are quite a few books out there that could be considered just Read more [...]

Modern Science Fiction: The Downfall of a Once Great Genre

I was suckered into looking at IO9 this morning. I know, generally I avoid that place like the plague. I was enticed in by an article about science fiction fonts. The article wasn't even actually on their site. Some writer there had just written a story about a blog that had links to classic science fiction cover fonts. I honestly wish the person that posted the IO9 story had cut out that particular middle man. That is neither here nor there at this point because once on IO9 I saw article after article Read more [...]

Farnham’s Freehold and My Response to the Recent Election

Yeah, I know the site's name came from this book and I am feeling a little presumptuous, but given the events a week ago, I have to ask a lot of soul-searching questions. Farnham's Freehold was probably the most controversial book Heinlein ever wrote.  It is at least in the top three.  The main issue: racism can cut both ways.  The postulate that blacks and whites could switch places and that the blacks would use whites as food as well as slaves was one that was not well received.  Heinlein Read more [...]

Weather Control, Sandy, and The Wrath of God

I remember a long time ago I saw an old newsreel about the possibilities of weather control.  The short movie speculated that hurricanes could be diverted with rockets shot into the atmosphere and thus creating artificial moisture or pressure centers.  More recently the idea is to use mirrors to artificially heat areas of atmosphere and do much the same thing.  The main idea is to create atmospheric barriers that storms and hurricanes cannot cross or that weaken those storms as they cross them.  Read more [...]

Book Review – A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

When a series of books spawns an award-winning HBO Series, I suppose one should take notice.  I have an aversion to popularity contests when it comes to books, but I decided to give this one a try.  I was not disappointed. Probably the best thing this book does is get rid of a lot of fantasy novel norms.  The good guys are always good and the evil guys always evil being one of them.  This book dismisses that idea by giving each character both lovable and despicable qualities.  Even the Read more [...]

Highbrow? – Hey, It Just Comes with the Territory

Perhaps there are some who visit this site and read our articles and make the accusation that the site is too highbrow.  To them I wish I could apologize but it just comes naturally for us conservative / libertarian types.  To be both you have to cut against the grain and that means you are going to think differently from everyone else.  It is very easy look at entertainment like we do and offer up criticism or praise if you are going to simply say what everyone else is.  It is much harder Read more [...]

When Heinlein Was A Liberal

  I have to admit, the book For Us, The Living by Robert Heinlein is a real puzzle.  As a piece of science fiction literature it is an obvious failure from the standpoint of story telling.  It is more of a lecture with a story to fill in the blank spots.  The lecture however is even more disappointing because of the fact it is loaded with liberal tones and to be honest seems very anti-libertarian because of the government being the source of all prosperity. The economic system proposed Read more [...]