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The Freehold Investigates Vandalism in District 12 (Hunger Games)

The Freehold Investigates Vandalism in District 12 (Hunger Games)


The Hunger Games film has become one of the biggest blockbusters of the year. I happen to live just a few miles from the abandoned mill town of Henry River, North Carolina which was the site of “District Twelve” in the movie. In fact I often drive  through the town on my way home from work. So I have been familiar with this town for years. While the town has long been abandoned, it has also been well maintained. That maintenance is being challenged by a new force…..vandals.

The site has become a major tourist attraction in our area, and busloads of visitors have been showing up and touring the small town for months. The last few times I drove through the town I noticed some changes that are distressing.

For instance the general store which served as the bakery in The Hunger Games is slowly being stripped for souvenirs. One by one the letters on the front of the building have been stolen. This was not a simple one time theft. Each letter disappeared on a different day and I assume taken by different thieves.












Vandals have also been breaking windows on the side of the store.











Last but not least, taggers are showing up leaving their distinctive scrawl on the historic buildings. These are just a few of the problems I can see from the road. I hate to think what has been destroyed or stolen from inside the houses. I will endeavor to bring you more on this situation as soon as I can get an interview with the owner or caretaker.


Please if you are a fan of this movie do not come to this town and decide to destroy portions of it or carry off souvenirs. It may just be a movie set to you but this is a Historic landmark as well.