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What Would Robert Heinlein Say to Ron Paul and his Supporters?

What Would Robert Heinlein Say to Ron Paul and his Supporters?

You may not agree with what Heinlein says here but he is speaking directly across the years to Ron Paul and his people at the Republican National Convention.

Quoted from Take Back Your Government…

“In some states the right of a person to participate in a primary may be challenged and he may then be called on to prove his right by taking an oath to support the ticket which results from such primary. Such a procedure is morally correct; if universal it might do much to put a stop to the present eat-your-cake-and-have-it-too attitude of some irresponsible politicians.”

“Party regularity and party discipline are pragmatically necessary and morally correct in any political party if that party is to carry out its responsibilities. This is especially true with respect to unsuccessful candidates in a party primary; no man should offer himself as a candidate in a party primary unless he is prepared to abide by the majority will of the political group he seeks as a sponsor. Running in a primary is a voluntary action, very similar to joining a caucus; it carries with it responsibilities as well as privileges. A candidate need not enter a primary at all; he is always free to run as an independent instead.”


Robert A. Heinlein


I don’t often speak directly to political issues on The Freehold but Ron Paul is ripping the party apart. – Jonathan Baird

Why Should the Russians Have All The Fun Remaking a World?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


     The other day during a debate with one of my political adversaries I came to the realization that there is an insurmountable ideological gulf between those who hate the rich and those who realize that the rich are merely fellow human beings who are paying much more than their fair share for the upkeep of our society.  I had to ask myself what has caused this gulf and why are those on the left so willing to turn the rich into inhuman villains? The answer is simple and can be found in the writings of one of the founders of modern American liberalism. He is a man almost no one outside academia has heard of, but he more than anyone else is the progenitor of the left’s fervent desire to control and dominate the media.
                Stuart Chase was an author, an engineer, and an economist….He was also an ardent supporter of socialism and the author of the quote that is the title of this article. The quote is from a book written by Chase called  “A New Deal” in which he lays out his economic ideas and his admiration for the policies of communist Russia and their planned economy.  Before Chase had made his case for a socialist restructuring of American society in several of his later books he had undertaken study of a science called General Semantics as formulated by Dr Alfred Korzybski .  Dr. Korzybski believed that we could reformulate language so that it was easier to understand. This new language, devoted to concrete concepts, would influence people to think in more logical and rational ways thus leading to fewer misunderstandings.  Chase discovered during his study of Korzybski’s work, that he who controls words and the definition of words also control ideas and those ideas control how people think.  George Orwell who was another student of Korzybski also realized how powerful this was and wrote about it in his novel “1984”. The entire premise of “newspeak” in Orwell’s novel is based on a reformulation of Korzybski’s work so that controlling language not only controlled thought it could be used to stifle or even retard intellectual pursuits.
                From his study of General Semantics, Chase produced several books the first and most well-received was “The Tyranny of Words”. In this book he lays out a plan to remake the world by taking control of how people think.  The book in parts reads as if it is an evenhanded treatment of how words have been used in the past to confuse and control people. He gives examples that mock Hitler and dismiss the work of Marx as to abstract and not applicable as written to the modern reader.  He is very careful to maintain the idea that he is above the fray and merely commenting objectively. Of course, throughout the work he is using the concepts of General Semantics to condition the reader to his message. The message is simple and summed up in the last couple of chapters. First, he contends that the constitution is hopelessly outdated much as what Marx had written was outdated. Ideas such as freedom and liberty have no meaning and should be no more heeded than the ramblings of Hitler. In fact, he uses the term “Blab” to refer to these and defines “Blab” as any word that cannot be defined in a concrete manner. He calls any literal interpretation of the United States Constitution “Nonsense”. He goes on to suggest that the idea of free speech and of nation states need to be dropped as well. He advocates a one world state under a planned economy and carefully controlled media based largely on the model of Russia at the time of his writing (1938).
                You might now ask yourself what do the ramblings of a man few of you have heard of have to do with the Left of today. I would respond by saying that these ramblings have been the underpinning of the Democratic Party from the very day that FDR used Chase’s ideas as the basis for his New Deal policies. Chase is the father of modern liberalism and he created the blueprint that sold liberal ideology to journalists, university professors, and Hollywood. He made liberalism seem valid to these people in ways that catered to their own vanity. Read his work for yourself, but be careful, Chase has a glib tongue and he writes in such a way that you become enamored of what he has to say. Forewarned is forearmed. To combat liberalism we must combat the very base of its appeal to these three groups. We cannot allow the left to define the terms. We must formulate a rational message that appeals to these groups.
Chase, Stuart, The Tyranny of Words. San Diego: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.1938.

Obama and Executive Privilege: A Case for Impeachment

Friday, June 22, 2012

       Obama has done several things that I felt should be viewed as impeachable offenses. From his unwillingness to prosecute members of the Black Panther party for election intimidation, while hosting the head of that same organization in the White House just before that decision. To his forcing of automotive companies that had gone bankrupt to pay union member debts before the debts the company owed to it’s investors. This was both illegal and immoral as legally the investors are entitled to be paid first. Obama unilaterally changed that precedent without due process in what seemed like a payoff to union members who had heavily funded his campaign. These crimes have been largely ignored most likely due to the fact that the Democrats had a super-majority in the Congress at the time. That super majority no longer exists and it is time to look at these crimes and the current cover up of Fast and Furious in light of impeachment. I don’t take that word lightly. Impeachment is serious business and Obama has certainly done more to earn impeachment than either Bill Clinton or Richard Nixon…..No one died, was deigned the right to vote, nor where peoples’ life savings destroyed by the peccadilloes of Clinton or Nixon. All these things have been the result of Obama’s actions.
    In recent days Obama stepped WAY over the line. He has exerted executive privilege over papers that document discussions between Holder and his subordinates involved in Fast and Furious. This action represents not only a political effort to hide the truth about F&F it represents a direct illegal effort to cover up criminal activity that is well outside Obama’s shield of executive privilege. This is not like Clinton lying to Congress about blowjobs. This is the exact kind of coverup that Nixon was being impeached for. Maybe it is time to look more closely at removing Obama from the high office that he has continually abused to curry favor with his donors and to enact a criminal political agenda against the people of the United States of America.
 Let’s go over all the possible reasons for Obama to extend an Executive Privilege order over the Fast and Furious documents.


1. Obama does have direct knowledge of those papers and was involved in Fast and Furious but no crime was committed by those involved in F&F (highly unlikely). In this case Holder must still be removed because he lied under oath to congress that Obama had no affiliation with those papers. This is the only scenario in which Obama is not guilty of an impeachable action in this case. This is a very narrow scenario and one which proves that Obama has lied about F&F all along as he has said numerous times he knows nothing about the program.

2. Obama used EP to shield Holder or another subordinate from being found guilty of a crime and Obama has no affiliation with the documents at all. This is the most likely scenario. If he did this Obama is guilty of exactly the crime that Nixon was being impeached for.

3. Obama used EP to shield himself from being found guilty of a crime. This would be illegal on two counts and of course he could be impeached and jailed for this.

These are the only possible reasons for him to use EP in this manner.

But liberals will say Bush and Clinton used Executive Privilege and they weren’t impeached for it….
 Neither Bush nor Clinton used the Executive privilege improperly. Both Obama and Holder have said….Holder has said this under oath… that Obama has had no ….NO…. access or knowledge about Fast and Furious. Obama can not use the executive privilege to shield information that he has no direct relation to.We know there was a crime committed. We know that a federal officer was killed by guns released to criminals by F&F. We know that Mexican citizens have been killed by the same guns. We know that someone in the Attorney General’s office made the call to allow these guns to walk.
I stop here because Liberals will say that gunwalking began under George Bush. That is not true. Programs similar to gunwalking did begin under Bush, but these programs never allowed the guns to actually get across the border into Mexico or beyond the reach of federal officers. Gunwalking was also never used as an excuse to create more gun laws and restrictions by using the guns allowed to cross the border as statistical proof that American guns were getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. If you think that I am just repeating an insane right wing conspiracy then please read this CBS news article that details memos between ATF officers discussing this plan.
 No president has ever protected individuals whose ultimate goal was the destruction of one of the fundamental rights enumerated in the Constitution. Obama is not just obstructing justice, he is guilty of protecting individuals who would see Americans murdered in the streets by Mexican drug lords in an effort to undermine the second amendment.
 He does not deserve to continue as President.

The Fundamental Difference Between the Right and the Left

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It is actually important to define what we are talking about in this respect. The left will obfuscate what they really stand for at every opportunity. It is imperative that anyone interested in the divide between the two groups understand the most basic difference.

The Right represents economic freedom

The Left represents economic control

This is the only way to distinguish between the two. All other social, moral, racial, and cultural baggage can be added to the Right or Left. There can be racist democrats, and atheist republicans, hard core christian communists, and gay black conservatives.  The economic stance of the society or the party is what distinguishes the two sides nothing else.

The failure of the Left is that it ends up aligned with more dictatorial societies (Fascism, Communism, Socialism) when you seek to exert control over economics. The Left needs to face that fact and stop pretending their philosophical belief in a controlled economy can create a more egalitarian society…It can’t. Exerting control over economics forces the left to exert social and ethical control over individuals. These controls are almost always geared to lift one group up and force another down. That is the nature of control. Outsiders and individuals without political ties almost never rise to the top in these types of societies once they are established. They are the ultimate old boys network.

The failure of the Right is that it ends up aligned with corporate (these can also be religious in nature) entities that may not have the best social, political, or moral interests of the people/workers in mind. Because the right prefers not to control economics their inaction allows individuals and groups to raise and lower in economic and political power without central planning. This can cause minority groups to get lost in the shuffle but it also allows individuals who may be outsiders to excel and even dominate economically and politically. While the right may produce a more chaotic society it allows individuals more freedom of choice and action.

While there have been many attempts at creating the ultimate leftist society there have been very few attempts to create a society based on pure economic freedom. When you follow a path that ignores economic control you also have very little need to centrally plan a society. Therefore you get few attempts to actively bring about a “Capitalist” utopia…this is the greatest weakness of the Right. I can think of only a couple of examples of societies that have moved very far to the Right on their own. American in the 19th century and Japan in the 1970s come to mind but they are not perfect examples.

(Of course there are no perfect examples of Communism in action either)

MLK’s Dream Revisited

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today I read an interview with Morgan Freeman in which he accuses the Tea party of being racists. His exact quote was,”It is a racist thing.” I used to think Freeman was a thoughtful intelligent man. I was wrong in that assumption. I guess that belief was merely an artifact of the characters that he plays on TV and in movies. Of course the idea that the Tea Party is racist is another one of those artificial creations of TV and the media so maybe I should not be surprised he believes the lies told by his own particular community. Both ideas seem to come out of a mythological construct of our media culture. I am saddened only because I wished the traditional media portrayal of Freeman had been reality rather than another case of misdirection. Of course finding out that Morgan Freeman is not what he portrays himself to be is much less damaging to society than our discovery that Barack Obama was not what the media led us to believe. Freeman has no real power over my life or my ability to function in society but the myth that put Obama in the White House does.

The idea that the Tea Party is racist is silly. I live in the deep South and I have been to many Tea Party events and it just isn’t racist. In fact the Tea Party embraces diversity. All one needs to do is look at a Tea Party rally to see people of all colors and beliefs mixing together with one goal. The goal of taking back our government from those who are taxing us into oblivion. That really is the only goal of the Tea Party that we see consistently expressed. It is not a racist goal no matter what Freeman or his liberal fellow travelers believe. However with all these accusations of racism and the slurs hurled in our direction there is one thing Obama and his people have given the Tea Party and it is something that Freeman probably can’t even understand. Obama has made us in “Tea Party America” understand the dream of Martin Luther King Jr. I am not going to say we understand the depths of what Martin Luther King suffered but we have learned from his life. I personally say and know others believe this as well that…

I oppose Obama not for the color of his skin but for the content of his character.

This is the real legacy of MLK and something Morgan Freeman in his race to condemn the Tea Party has lost sight of. People can judge a man on his character and not his race and that is what is being done with Obama. Obama is not a good president, in fact he is one of the absolute worst and it has nothing to do with his skin color and everything to do with his “beliefs”. I embrace Martin Luther King Jr. and call him brother because his is not a racist philosophy, his beliefs were to judge the man not the race. I and most of my friend in the Tea Party can see past the color to the soul of the man. I wish Morgan Freeman was that open minded.

I hope one day we can all see past beyond the media myths and their own racism and understand that white, brown, yellow, red, or black a person can oppose a black president for what he does and believes rather than the color of his skin.

I guess I will get back to campaigning for my candidate of choice and the choice of many in the Tea Party movement….Herman Cain. Look him up.

The Evil 1% That Own Everything

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The LA times today came out with an op/ed by Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott demanding that we not only implement Obama’s “Buffet” tax that punishes (taxes) the top 1% of earners but that we go after all the wealth controlled by these people and redistribute it. Here is a quote of what these enlightened souls had to say.

“The more serious inequality problem facing the United States involves overall wealth, not just income. While the top 1% of Americans earned 21% of the nation’s income, they owned a staggering 35% of the wealth in 2006-07, the most recent year for which statistics are available. We should be taxing that wealth directly, and not merely focusing on million-dollar incomes.”

Are these people morons? Why do I even ask? They are enlightened Liberals so of course they are morons and clueless about what wealth is. This country has almost 400 million people in it. That means that the top 1% of earners are 4 million people. These 4 million people make up all the large and small business owner’s in America. That means these are the people YOU work for (if you happen to work). These two mental midgets want to place a tax on the 35% of this country’s wealth that these people own. Do you know what that wealth is? Come on, it is common sense if you think about it………OK, since those of you on the left don’t have that particular sense I better spill the beans. The wealth that these kind hearted liberals want to redistribute is the building you work in, the materials owned by your company that you produce products from, and the machine you work on. If you are a small business that includes the company computer, the company car, the roof that keeps out the rain while you work, and everything else that makes it possible to do your job. It would even include the imaginary shovel that Obama promised in those shovel ready jobs. This is the opulent wealth that these parasites want to see taxed and distributed to the welfare leech masses.

So now using your common sense once more……What happens when you place higher taxes on these items….even you liberals should be able to figure this out by now…..YOU KILL SMALL BUSINESS. Large mega corps might survive but Mom and Pop are done, Bye Bye.

Thanks again Obama and company you are the gift that keeps on giving, much like a venereal disease.

Obama Pissing Off the World One Ally at a Time

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama has pissed me off yet again and this time I am not alone. Him or his administration (what’s the damn difference) has directed the IRS to collect taxes from Canadian citizens. You see many Canadians are dual citizens of the US and Canada due to Canadian law, but the US only recognizes US citizenship. So Canadians that were born in the United States or gained Canadian citizenship later are considered US Citizens for life. Only if you go through a lengthy and costly renunciation process can you stop being a US citizen. Even if these dual citizens paid taxes all their lives in Canada they are now being notified that they owe back taxes to the United States as Americans living in a foreign nation. Let me put this even more simply. This effects more than a million Canadians who have never once worked in the United States, have never lived off our more than generous welfare system, they paid taxes to the government under which they live, and many never even lived in the US they were just born in US hospitals. Now millions of people by accident of birth owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes and the IRS means to get that money by hook or by crook. It is not just the back taxes either. US law states that citizens living in a foreign country must report every dime they have invested. If they do not report these investments they face a 10,000 dollar fine for each bank account, CD, retirement account, checking account, capital investment etc. This will run each of these people’s bill to the US up into the thousands possibly millions. I guess Obama has found a new cash cow to pay for more welfare leeches and Union bailouts.

If these people don’t pay up the US will go after them. It is a felony after all if you don’t obey Uncle Obama and if these people dare visit the US they are in for a nice vacation inside the federal pen for the next 20-30 years. In my mind There is very little difference between what Obama is attempting and what King George the Third did after the American Revolution. Oh you don’t recall that far back. Let me remind you. He sent out royal naval vessels to stop American ships and had every person who had held British citizenship (and who were now Americans) impressed (enslaved) into the British navy.

Long live the Tyrant Obama may his example be remembered for all time

African American’s Need to Wake the Hell Up


Friday, September 16, 2011

I’m not black, or African American. What I am is an American Mutt. That makes me uniquely American and proud of it but it also makes me just an average white guy (I just don’t have enough minority genetic material to get special treatment). I and most other Americans whose relatives have been here more than a hundred years have become the great melting pot. I like the melting pot idea it makes Americans special. we are a mixed up melange of the entire planet .We need to focus on being that American melting pot and away from skin color. Unfortunately some people just can’t get over their melanin count. This morning Tavis Smiley, a black and needless to say liberal commentator struck another blow for racism and racists everywhere. He not only suggested, but demanded the president treat African Americans better than the rest of us. His exact words,

“whatever happened to that notion that to the victor goes the spoils? If anybody ought to be looked out for, it ought to be the persons who represent the most significant and the most loyal part of the base. That would be African-Americans.”

I didn’t know the rest of us had a war with African Americans and they won? I thought that whites had bent over backwards in the past 40 years trying to atone for a racist past that nobody under 50 had anything to do with. We have all but turned African Americans into a privileged class…no I take that back. We have made them into a privileged class. You can call me a racist, or a bigot, or even an ass for bringing this up but a black man with the same education and experience I have could have almost any job he wanted. Not I. Blacks are given so many perks I wish I was black. I like being treated special.

When I worked for the State of N.C. I saw more than one under-qualified African American applicant receive a job over a qualified white applicant. Once I (and every other white employee) had to endure a week of sensitivity training after a new supervisor was hired. My job required a Bachelors degree to be the supervisor required a Masters….My new boss had an associates degree. You figure out the rest.

African Americans don’t need special treatment. They don’t need extra political consideration. They certainly don’t need more government handouts. What they need is a dose of reality and to be treated exactly the same as everyone else. Of course I am about to be called a racist for demanding equal rights for all men…..Go figure.