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The Anti-PC Message of Cobra Kai

  I may be prone to hyperbole, but in this case, I may be understating my position. Cobra Kai is one of the most entertaining sequels I have seen and certainly the best thing on YouTube.  This could be nostalgia speaking since I came of age in the 1980s and Karate Kid was certainly a formative movie of my teen years. This show does things that I thought could not be done in this day and age and it certainly goes places I did not think the left-leaning proclivities of YouTube would allow.  The show is positively anti-PC so much so that it staggers the imagination. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some scenes that hint that next season the new Karate Kid (Xolo Maridueña) and the other Cobra Kai students will use their new foundself-confidencee for evil. What do you expect. These kids have been bullied by PC culture and told they can’t fight back against their oppressors all their lives. They say this over and over again to Sensei Lawrence as he berates them for being pussies.
This is where the show shines. The character of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) doesn’t care or even know about the changes to the world since 1984. It is a running joke throughout the show that he has bascally withdrawn from the world since he lost to Daniel. He was just going through the motions without really being awake all that time. For instance, he doesn’t know what Facebook is. This gives us a character who we can relate to our younger more innocent selves. Johnny doesn’t have thirty years of progressive political correctness weighing him down. When the nerds and losers from the High School join his dojo he treats them the way that kids were treated in 1984. He berates them for being soft, he makes fun of their deformities of self and character.  Sensei Lawrence is not giving out trophies for self esteem…he is telling these kids about the real world and in the real world they either win or they are losers. There are no safe spaces. If you have a problem you have to overcome that problem. If you have a deformity you fix it or get people to see you in a different way. Flip the script. You are responsible for yourself. This is the most powerful message of this show and it is a message kids today need. This is what elevates Cobra Kai to the next level. A positive, dare I say it, anti-progressive message shines out of all this.

There are other things in this show that set it apart from almost anything else out there and I urge anyone reading this to take the time and watch this. You won’t regret it.

We Can Still Learn From Vern

Vernon Ehlers – candidate photo

Former Michigan Congressman Vernon J. Ehlers, the first PhD physicist in the House of Representatives and the only one so far from the Republican party, died on August 15 at the age of eighty-three. His tenure in Congress (from 1993 to 2010) capped off a most impressive career as a scientist (specializing in studies of the nuclei of alkaline and post-transition metals), Continue reading “We Can Still Learn From Vern”

Where did Generation X go?

This post has nothing to do with speculative fiction. I am just rambling on about something that has been bothering me lately. I can do that, I own the blog. I am solidly a member of Generation X. I was born in 1970 which is in the middle of every estimation of when Generation X started. Yes, there is debate about when Gen X began and ended. I  believe anyone born from 1965-1985 is a member of Generation X. Others give the dates as a little earlier or a little later. Regardless of which way it goes Generation X is missing from our society. In media, entertainment, and academia, we are no longer seen as a group worth talking about or even acknowledging.

We constantly hear about the Millennials and the Boomers. The Millennials get press because their slacker status actually exceeds that of Generation X. Laziness is not the worst trait of Gen M they have been coddled for so long and their parents have treated them as special to the point they can’t cope with reality. Which leads me to wonder who the hell their parents actually were?

The Boomers, what hasn’t been said about that self absorbed group of losers. They dominate politics, the presidency, and make life a living hell for the rest of us with their constant demands for a tighter regulatory state. The Boomers are like a bunch of suffocating nannies. They want to plastic wrap the world.

Where did Gen X go? I have savaged both the Millennials and the Boomers, but I think I have the worst things to say about my own generation. I think we dropped out and left our responsibilities to others. I spent more than half my working life traveling from job to job working as an archaeologist. I am finally settling down in my forties. How did the children of Gen X get so messed up? I think we let our grandparents do to much of the rearing of our children. Those cloying nannies in the Boomer generation seeing the mess they made of Gen X, by being to permissive, went too far the other way. Participation trophies and safe spaces. They created a generation of emotionally stunted children and it is Gen X’s fault. We let the Boomers do this to our children.

I don’t like to leave an article without some hope. That hope is that as Gen X ages we will settle down and raise our second generation of children to be outgoing and brave. We will get our grand children away from the Millennials for a weekend at a time and let them get dirty and let them play outside. We need to make the next generation brave and Gen X is just the ones to do it. We are the people who invented extreme sports, created MMA, went camping in the most remote places on Earth, swam with the sharks, or in my case waded with the alligators. We are an extreme generation, lets make our grand children extreme.

I realize not every Gen Xer let their parents raise their children and I realize every Millennial is not an age stunted attention whore. These are just my observations of trends in our society.

The (other) Conquest of Space

Robert Conquest, one of the greatest and most important historians of the 20th Century, died earlier this week at the age of ninety-nine. His most lasting legacy, of course, was his exposing the fraud of communism to the intelligentsia and the public, although sadly many still remain in denial of his findings regarding Stalin’s body count. I am reasonably certain most readers of this journal are not among those that need to have Conquest’s evidence presented to them; I am in fact quite certain that most of them know his name, and even if they have not had the chance to read his monumental works The Great Terror and Harvest of Sorrow, have read other credible sources that have cited them as impeccable sources on the topic.

But how many of you are also aware that he was a science fiction fan? Continue reading “The (other) Conquest of Space”

The Conspiracy of Dunces: Why Liberty Minded People Need to Go Back to School

The Conspiracy of Dunces: Why Liberty Minded People Need to Go Back to School

bad schoolsI wrote an article, not that long ago, on a similar subject called The Manchurian Professor: Stealing America Back From the Socialists. This essay should be considered part two of that article.

I want you to consider for a moment a situation. The situation involves the collapse of this country and its government under the weight of socialism. In this situation you need as many survival skills as necessary. You need to be the person Sarah A. Hoyt is talking about in her article entitled Because We’re The People Who Do. Those people have learned what they need to know to physically put our country back together after the collapse. Those are the people we, as lovers of liberty, need to be in our hearts and in our minds, but it is not enough. We need to not just be able to put the country back together; We need to be able to teach future generations the importance of liberty. If we seclude ourselves in our own small “Galt’s Gulch” we may save ourselves for a time but, if history is a guide, those who make themselves outsiders often find out too late that society does not like outliers. Instead of separating ourselves from society we need to take the reins. To do this we must infiltrate the houses of our enemies.

I sincerely believe that this collapse is coming, but I do not believe (as many do) that there is a conspiracy to collapse the state and then rebuild it in the socialist model of Cloward-Piven. I believe that we have a much worse conspiracy: A “Conspiracy of Dunces”. These dunces have already enacted Cloward-Piven accidentally. We already live under the opulent socialist paradise that was predicted. The dunces won, not through malice but through sheer altruistic ineptitude.  These dunces really believe that socialism works and that it is good for people. Ask any welfare recipient to name who cares about them. Look at any inner city you will find them. The dunces have inherited the country and have gifted it to the dregs of society. These people who refuse to lift a finger for themselves are fed, clothed, entertained, and pampered with money directly stolen from those of us dumb enough to believe we should get up and work for a living everyday.

At this point, you may be wondering why I call them dunces if they are in charge and have won the battle?  The reason is simple, THE WAR IS NOT OVER…..THE BILL MUST BE PAID. Heinlein was right: There is no such thing as a free lunch. The bill is about to come due. You can not support the weight of millions of freeloaders on the backs of the workers and entrepreneurs. We might have ten years left of that, but not much longer. Sooner or later, those people who really do all the work and those who create the wealth will get smart and drop out of the system. The Dunces know this, and they will keep squeezing tighter and tighter to prolong their Utopian vision, and inevitably there will be a “POP!” I don’t know if the pop will be a revolution or a collapse. Either way, we will see interesting times in our near future.

Then things will get back to normal. That is the pesky little secret. The more things change the more they stay the same. The same dunces or similar ones will be back in charge after the collapse, we will again be at the mercy of the dunces who rely on the dregs to support their rise to the top. The “People Who Do” will have rebuilt the society, they will have reestablished the rule of law once again, they will put into place a fair and equitable system, only to lose it again to the uneducated, easily swayed masses. The leeches and dregs will vote out sensible men and put into place the same kind of men who always seek to destroy by either graft, altruism, or both. What difference does it make if the politician rapes you for his own pleasure or for the pleasure of others…the result is the same. To give this article some geeky spin (since we are a journal of speculative fiction, after all), we are all Dozers who build and build, only to have all our work eaten by the shiftless Fraggles.

What can we do to break the cycle? To break out of the cycle we must first find what fuels it and turn off that fuel. We can’t stop graft and corruption, even the idea is utterly hopeless. It is Utopian in the extreme to believe that we can (see my article on why I hate Gene Roddenberry). So we have to realize that these things will always be a part of politics. The best we can do is mitigate it. There is a second more important way we can blunt the progress of socialism and cut the head off the Conspiracy of Dunces. The snake’s head lives in schools and universities across this nation. Public school teachers and university professors preach socialism as if it was a religion. IT IS A RELIGION. It is the most perfidious belief system that has ever existed. It’s adherents make the most fevered Christian or Muslim look like meek kittens. To break the cycle we must replace these teachers. We must go into the school systems and the universities and we must teach the next generation. Only education will save our society in the long run. We must return to school ourselves. We must pretend to be good little socialists. We must get good grades, lie through our teeth, and then get jobs in academia. We must subvert the system from the inside.

Oh I hear it now, from every libertarian blog out there…..”Stay away from academia. If you must go to college only study the STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Math). Only these subjects are worthy of our attention.” Bullshit…plain and simple. We already dominate those subjects. Those subjects are the domain of rational thinking and the dunces stay away from those for fear of exposing that they really aren’t as smart as they claim to be. We need to dominate the soft subjects. English, history, psychology etc. From these we can educate the next generation and by doing so turn the tide of battle in our favor. The school systems are the battle ground for the future. We can do the same thing the left did 40 years ago: Infiltrate, dominate, and then USE. Libertarians need to be the vanguard of the new educational system, but we must start from the inside.

BUT BUT BUT STUDENT LOANS… Yes, and your point is? I realize it is expensive to get a PhD. Trust me I really realize this (working on it now). The cost of liberty minded people fleeing academia is high. Allowing the leftists to dominate the Universities will destroy the future. That is a fact. If we allow them to dominate education they dominate the society…forever. Even the STEM subjects are starting to see a drop in the rate of people willing to take out the loans to get the degrees needed to teach. Soon even those subjects will be dominated by the left. Forget your spaceships, forget your new technology. The Luddites will be in charge soon.
If you have the courage of your convictions, take out a student loan, swallow your pride (it is only monopoly money), and get your degree. You know that this society can’t survive much longer printing money. The loans will be meaningless if the government collapses and if by some miracle the government doesn’t collapse and the economy strengthens (fat chance with these bozos in charge) then that degree will eventually pay for itself in a brighter future. We must take charge of the established educational system and rebuild it with liberty and individualism as the core value. You can not hope to save the future if all you do is home school your own children. You must take our message of independence to the masses who do not have the inclination or the ability to teach their own children. We can make the world a better place out of our own selfish motive to be free..

“Libertarians should never set out to create a society. The goal should be making the individual more free. This is a never ending process…there is no utopia at the end of the day, there is only the individual.
Libertarianism is not a means to an end; it is an end to the means.”

Let us take back education in this country, and end that path to socialism forever.


The Most Dangerous Game: Progressive Liberals and Social Conservatives Want a Civil War

The Most Dangerous Game: Progressive Liberals and Social Conservatives Want a Civil War

civilI am just going to come out and say it openly – this is going to piss off some of the more socially conservative readers here, but it must be said: Both the Progressive Liberals and the Social Conservatives are praying for a civil war in this country.

Not only that, both sides are licking their lips to murder each other. You don’t have to take my word for it. Look at any left wing blog or site. The death threats, open displays of anger, and vitriol is everywhere. These are people who have been brought to a boiling point. Social Conservatives are a little more restrained. There have been some incidents but for the most part they are playing it close to the chest, but the hatred is just as deep. I know that side better as a Libertarian, and I can say for sure they are preparing for the liberals to come for them.  Something very simple could boil this over into open conflict.

If it comes to pass, this conflict could well be even bloodier than the last time. The battle lines are even more pronounced, the hatred is much more intense. The last civil war was not as personal. People on either side might actually have liked each other but went to war one upon the other as a matter of doing their duty. They may have hated each other by the end, but that was not how it all started. This time, though, the two sides are going in with real vivid hatred, even bloodlust.

Currently, the left has the military advantage. Obama has been systematically culling the military for the past five years. Replacing key conservatives with hand-picked loyal liberals across the board and retiring or firing anyone who disagrees with him. His current weakness is the mid-level officer core that is still largely conservative in outlook, but even they are being slowly forced out in favor of the new breed of soldier. The right on the other hand has millions of trained soldiers who are now out of the military. This group is becoming more and more agitated as Obama pushes us further left. I know many of these men and they will only be pushed so far before they push back. They may not have the heavy weapons that the Left possesses, but they are well armed. Their training was better in the past than the current crop of recruits (that army of one). They also know the weapon systems and how to defeat them better than the raw new guys. This is not the push-over revolution that the Left believes they have engineered.

One group could stop this burgeoning civil conflict tomorrow if it wanted. The mainstream press could do its job and bury the Obama administration as easily as it created it, but they won’t. Most of them are as far left and as socialist… No, I take that back most of them are outright Marxist, and as ideologically pure as any member of the Obama administration. They believe that the glorious revolution is upon us, and that they are going to finally defeat all those bourgeois capitalists they have been taught to hate for all of their effete, privileged, and affluent lives. They have no intention of even reporting how far left Obama is taking this country. Preferring to belittle and mock anyone that dares say that Obama is a socialist or -God forbid!- a Communist. No, they instead call him “moderate” and almost as “conservative as George Bush”. These people are living in a dream and are dragging the country into a nightmare.

The utopia that the Progressive Left is searching for would be that totalitarian nightmare. We would see Stalinist purges in this country now, if they could get away with it. You can call me crazy and say I am wrong. A man like Obama does not pal around with someone like Bill Ayers and not pick up a few ideas. The left is ready and willing to see bodies dumped in open pit graves, by the millions. In fact there are many on the Left who use this image as masturbatory material. The media, Hollywood, and the educational system have done a masterful job of portraying anyone on the Right as subhuman. Jews were not more hated in 1930s Germany. The only thing preventing open murder of conservatives at this point is 200 million privately owned firearms. I know some people on the Left are calling me a lunatic right now for believing this. That’s OK, you guys believe that if you print enough money it will fix the economy. Only one of us is wrong.

The utopia that the Social Conservatives are searching for is just as bad as that of the Progressive Left. These SoCons believe we need to “return” to a Bible-centered country and -by God!- we should make the Bible the law of the land. I have even seen some of the sub-groups within the Social Conservatives openly say that freedom can only be had within the confines of God’s law… of course God’s law is whatever interpretation and nonsense that the Preacher of the moment thinks it is. These people would see The Handmaid’s Tale made real. They scare me just as much as does the Progressive Left. Some others on the Social Right see the Confederacy as a symbol of the utopia they are looking for. Both of these Social Conservative groups are batshit crazy.

The rest of us are caught in the middle. I don’t want either side to win. I want to be left alone. Neither of those groups will agree to that simple request.

I like to think that, come the revolution, the Lawyers would be the first people up against the wall. I think the reality is that it will be the socially liberal conservatives and Libertarians. I said a few days ago that the curse of being a Libertarian is that people on the Left hate you, but that there are those on the Right that hate you even more…

“Who Will Rid Me of This Troublesome Priest”: Obama’s Second Hand Murder Incorporated

You can argue all you want whether ObamaCare puts into place “death panels” or not. What we can all agree on is that ObamaCare has provisions which allow a government review board to decide if you receive treatment or not based on your “need”. The existence of this review board is not in question. Thousands of pages have been written on this subject both pro and con, and these arguments have established two basic ways of looking at this process. One side is straight logistics and economics: Implementing this kind of healthcare on a massive scale can never be cost effective if people are receiving any procedure they request without review. The other side argues from individual rights and ethics: Many people believe the individual should have a choice, and that the individual should decide what is right for himself or herself.

Let’s put all that aside for a moment and reflect on what we learned about the government in the last week, ending on 16 May 2013. In this week, the IRS admitted that they had targeted groups considered antagonistic towards the President. These groups, all conservative, were singled out for added scrutiny, extra paperwork, and outright intimidation. This is absolutely egregious. Not only is this illegal and immoral, it may well have swayed the election to the favor of Obama. Even if you side with this administration, you must realize that this kind of thing is unethical, and that it undermines the very foundation of our government. It also invites people to believe that we have become a tyrannical state – and for good reason. If you are a liberal, imagine yourself under this same abuse of power from the other side. I know that you guys are not very tolerant or open minded, but -just this once- stop foaming at the mouth and screaming “the Republicans deserve it” and try to think it through honestly. Admit it, it is ok, we already know: You would be livid. You would be marching in the streets and demanding the heads of anyone involved, and that is just the IRS… Now imagine if these same people that targeted these Tea Party groups had even more power.

You don’t need to imagine – just a few minutes ago I read this from ABC news.  “IRS Official in Charge During tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office“. The very person in charge of intimidating Obama’s enemies is now in charge of one section of ObamaCare implementation. A woman who has no trouble using the power of her office to attack her boss’ political enemies has found a new office with even more heinous powers. Forget the ability to audit or to throw you in prison. She now has the legal right to take away your ability to receive healthcare. Does anyone really believe that she and those who placed her in this high office have any compunction about second-hand murder?

Even if this woman is removed, who is to say that this administration will not appoint an even sterner ideologue. That has been the pattern so far, and I don’t see Obama changing his methods now. It is really easy to look the other way… if you put the right people in charge. You never have to actually know what your underlings are doing… if you put the right person in the office. The right word here or the right word there and they will do all manner of mischief in the name of the chief executive. No need for him to dirty his hands… the right people are in place to do it for him.

That kind of unrestrained power reminds me of someone.

The Greatest Challenge to the 1st Amendment: A Follow Up

The Greatest Challenge to the 1st Amendment: A Follow Up

3D-printed-gun-modelsThe Government has forced Cody Wilson’s company, Defense Distributed, to take down his designs for 3D printed firearms. I can’t say I’m surprised, and if you had read my other article earlier in the week you would understand why: This is a blatant attack on the first amendment. Forget, for a minute, that these plans can be used to create guns. What is the difference between banning these plans from distribution, and banning a book? There are quite a few books out there that could be considered just as dangerous. I downloaded a PDF book on building machine guns last night. Will we see books like that banned next?

Just this week Obama gave a speech in which he said, “Reject voices that warn about government tyranny.”

Let me quote the words of a document that president Obama would have you reject.

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

Is this computer file any more dangerous to the government than the words of the *actual* Declaration of Independence? Will these words also be banned?

I am not saying that we need to rise up in armed revolt, and I am not saying that we have become a despotic state. I am saying that, when a government feels it has the right to censor public information and ban the people from looking at what are, at their most basic,  just “drawings” of an item that the government fears, we are not far away from the very tyranny that the founders warned about.

I quoted the movie Serenity at the end of the last article, “You can’t stop the signal”. The file was downloaded over 100,000 times before it was taken down. I was able to find the file in about a minute with an online search this morning.  The real irony is not that the government is helpless to stop the signal. The irony is that the government has the gall to even try. Banning knowledge is the hallmark of desperation and a stepping stone to true tyranny. So, yes I am one of those voices warning you about tyranny, but don’t listen to my voice, listen to the much more eloquent voices of history…


When any government, or any church for that matter, undertakes to say to its subjects, This you may not read, this you must not see, this you are forbidden to know, the end result is tyranny and oppression no matter how holy the motives.
Robert A. Heinlein


Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day
Thomas Jefferson


The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.
Maximilien Robespierre


The Framers of the Constitution knew that free speech is the friend of change and revolution. But they also knew that it is always the deadliest enemy of tyranny.
Hugo Black

When I researched these quotes, I did not look for quotes that linked censorship and tyranny. I merely typed in tyranny and hundreds of quotes linked the two. Try it for yourself. Tyranny and the suppression of knowledge are invariably linked. Censorship is ever the companion of despots.

Why the 3D Printed Firearm Will Be the Greatest Challenge Ever to the…..1st Amendment?

Why the 3D Printed Firearm Will Be the Greatest Challenge Ever to the…..1st Amendment?

3d gunYesterday when I saw the picture of the first fully 3D printed gun (I realize the firing pin is a nail and was not printed) I almost wept for joy. This is a first important step away from the dominance of the state over their citizens in many parts of the world.  Americans enjoy the protection of Second Amendment, but many places that purport to be free countries have banned all guns outright or have made ownership so restrictive that getting a firearm is almost impossible. Other parts of the world are not so free as even that. Firearm ownership for people in places like China or North Korea could mean the death penalty. This new technology makes it possible for anyone anywhere with access to a certain level of technology to take the power of the state and place it into the hands of the people. The 3D printed gun is either the beginning of the end to those repressive regimes or the beginning of one of the largest and most sweeping crack down on civil rights in the past fifty years.

The argument to restrict these rights will not be over firearms. Oh, guns and violence will be used as an excuse, but the argument will be over the right to freedom of speech and expression. This 3D printed weapon and each subsequent generation of it is a triumph of information technology. It has been made possible by the revolution in information sharing that has taken place in the last thirty years and in the ease and ability to pass information about technology freely between people. This ability of information to be exchanged will become a battleground and the government’s goal will be limiting the freedom of speech. This goal will at first be packages as only limiting information that the state finds dangerous, but it is the ultimate slippery slope. Never underestimate the willingness of government to push its subjects down that hill.

The battle lines are already being drawn and in the United States. Don’t immediately expect the Republicans to side with freedom. They have often been much more willing to censor information available to the public than the Democrats (although Obama has certainly given them a run for their money). Both sides will ultimately unite against 3D printed weapons. This is a prediction you can take to the bank. You can expect them to see this in more broad-reaching terms than just firearms. If either side can convince the public that this information is too dangerous to be allowed to freely be passed from hand to hand, and they are able to limit it, then expect them to broaden the definition of what is dangerous over time. Enjoy your internet while you have it. The government has long been trying to find an issue that resonates with the public so they can use it to limit information on the web. The public is also likely to fall for any and all scare tactics the government decides to employ.

The good news is they will not win. This is a genie that will not go back into the bottle easily. This is a Manhattan project level event in terms of personal self defense and the ability of a people to arm themselves. This simple one shot pistol is just the tip of the iceberg. In the long run there is just about no small arm that can’t eventually be build with a 3D printer. One might equip an entire army with a combination of plastic and metal printers. I foresee a day not too far off in which our own military will print their weapons as they need them…that is the future reality. We are living in an exciting time. This must be similar to what it felt like to those first peasants in Western Europe that figured out that firearms made them equal in power to the most well armored knight. The day we moved from the strangle hold of feudalism to just a hint of representative republic. It is not something to scorn. This is a technology that embraces freedom and puts power back into the hands of the people. How many police state Nazi bullies would have had second thoughts about dragging the Jews out of their homes had they known that the citizens of the Warsaw Ghetto had armed themselves and would resist? How different would the civil rights movement have been had blacks in the South had access to quick cheap 3D printed guns to defend themselves from corrupt local sheriffs? Would there have even been a need for a civil rights movement at all?

The government can try to stop it. They can shut down the internet at the risk of global economic collapse, or they can try to limit the spread of this information in other ways. If they think that people can’t find a way around any restriction the government tries to put into place to limit data….then they don’t know much about computers or those that program them. They will also try to restrict the physical 3D printers, but even that is folly. They might slow down the growth (don’t bet on it), but the technology is far to useful to be stifled for long. It is also a technology that will eventual be able to replicate itself fully. That technology is still in its infancy, especially when it comes to the metal and computer parts, but it will not be long before even that hurdle is overcome. 3D printing is the future and it is going to change the world in ways that the government and those who want control can’t even yet imagine. I often quote this line from the movie Serenity, “You can’t stop the signal.”        So why even try.

Libertarian Genesis: How a Little House on the Prairie Inspired the Libertarian Party

Libertarian Genesis: How a Little House on the Prairie Inspired the Libertarian Party

This is not technically an article about speculative fiction. The marriage of science fiction and libertarian thought can not be dismissed however, and this marriage has given us some of the greatest works of science fiction of the twentieth century. I have discussed in earlier articles the idea that all modern American science fiction is a direct descendant of our common frontier heritage. The same can be said for libertarianism. It found its first expression in the pioneer spirit and that spirit rekindled it into an actual political movement in the late twentieth century. Where did this movement come from and who was the driving force behind it?

According to the Libertarian party website the history of the party starts in 1971. While that may be the official date of the start of the party it is far from the beginning of the story. To find that beginning we need to look much further back to 1886 and a little house in the Dakota territory.  Here Rose Wilder (later Rose Wilder Lane) was born the only child of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Most Americans know the story of Laura Ingalls and her frontier experiences. Her story is probably one of the most important series of American children’s novels. While most people know of Laura few know what happened to her Daughter Rose.

Rose became a writer and journalist. She helped her mother develop her stories into workable form and she is also probably responsible for ghost writing the first few books in the series. These stories based on her mother’s experience have been popular since they were first published in 1932. Growing up in poor and seeing the deprivation that often accompanied frontier living and work conditions Rose Wilder Lane became if not a communist… a fellow traveler. In her own words

“Politically, I cast my first vote — on a sample ballot — for Cleveland, at the age of three. I was an ardent if uncomprehending Populist; I saw America ruined forever when the soulless corporations in 1896, defeated Bryan and Free Silver. I was a Christian Socialist with Debs, and distributed untold numbers of the Appeal to Reason. From 1914 to 1920 — when I first went to Europe — I was a pacifist; innocently, if criminally, I thought warstupid, cruel, wasteful and unnecessary. I voted for Wilson because he kept us out of it.

In 1917 I became convinced, though not practicing communist. In Russia, for some reason, I wasn’t and I said so, but my understanding of [Bolsdevism?] made everything pleasant when the Cheka arrested me a few times.

I am now a fundementalist American; give me time and I will tell you why individualism, laissez faire and the slightly restrained anarchy of capitalism offer the best opportunities for the development of the human spirit. Also I will tell you why the relative freedom of human spirit is better — and more productive, even in material ways — than the communist, Fascist, or any other rigidity organized for material ends” (Lane, WPA Life History Collection)

As a journalist she traveled to Russia in 1917 to see the glorious revolution first hand and intended to bring back news of the worker’s paradise to America. What she found there changed her life forever. She had seen for herself the depravity of communist Russia and it struck her to the core. This was not what she thought it would be and her beliefs were shattered. Out of these fragments she began to construct a new philosophy based on individualism that she coined “The Libertarian Movement”.

Lane wanted this new movement to be based on the values and beliefs of the frontier. A movement for rugged individuals who defied the world and could make it without government intervention or interference. A movement that would focus on making oneself the best that they could be. She fully developed these libertarian ideas while working for the largest African American newspaper of the day “The Pittsburgh Courier”. During her time working for the paper she strove to inject her libertarian philosophy into  her writing. Emphasizing to African American entrepreneurs that they did not need government interference to give them equality, but that they could grasp the reigns of the economy and make themselves more than equal through hard work.

Rose Wilder Lane continued throughout her life to push her ideas of self determination and free market capitalism as the answer to the ills of society. Writing several books on the subject and becoming the little known founder of the libertarian movement. She died at the age of 81 in 1968 only one day before she was to tour Vietnam as a journalist. Three years later her vision would be realized in the birth of the Libertarian party.

As Paul Harvey often says….”Now you know the rest of the story.”

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