Dark Maiden Number One is now on Amazon Kindle

https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Maiden-1-Jonathan-Baird-ebook/dp/B079TFBQXP/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1518693977&sr=8-5&keywords=Dark+Maiden     Going to promote this like crazy this morning. This comic is the first issue of a three issue limited series. The proceeds from this book will go entirely to getting myself and my wife to Battle of the Nations to fight for Team USA in Italy. Here is a link so those who aren't familiar know what Battle of the Nations is... https://www.youtube.com/user/battleofthenations Read more [...]

In Memoriam: David A. Kyle and First Fandom

First Fandom closed its doors for good last week with the passing of David A. Kyle at the age of ninety-six.  Kyle had been a part of science fiction fandom from the very beginning, as a member of New York's Futurians, and was one of its ablest historians for half a century. In particular, Kyle's 1976 book A Pictorial History of Science Fiction had a massive influence on my own development as a science fiction fan. Purchasing the generously-sized book for just three dollars at a used bookstore Read more [...]

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.-Skye is a Disney Princess

I have a crazy theory that Skye on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a Disney princess. Almost everyone believes that Skye is an inhuman...my theory explains who she is? What the Obelisk is? Who Skye's father is? and how this all ties into the Civil War storyline. Skye is the daughter of Black Bolt's brother Maximus the Mad. Her name is Luna. I realize that Luna is the daughter of Quicksilver in the 616 Universe, but in the Ultimate Universe Quicksilver never fell in love with Crystal and Read more [...]

Mythology and the Superhero: A Personal Reflection on Genre. Part 3

For thousands of years humans were supplied with myths and legends to fuel their psyche's need for the archetypes and icons that came to them from their dream realm. Perhaps we could say that the rise of modern science and humanism subjugated that need but the need was still there as a shadow under the surface. We could trace the decline of myth back to the 17th century during the Age of Reason when scientific method was born and formed be backbone of The Enlightenment and humanism which is prevalent Read more [...]

The Secret History of Costumed Heroes Part 1: Victorian Superbeings Invade London

Masks and costumes have been a part of human culture since man first began making art. We disguised ourselves as animals with the belief that sympathetic magic would endow us with the physical and mental aspects of these creatures. I have long been fascinated by werewolf mythology and the origins of the man/wolf hybrid. A major aspect of the werewolf myth is the belief a man  could take on the animal form by wearing it's skin. I believe that our modern conception of the comic book superhero derives Read more [...]

Mythology and the Superhero: A Personal Reflection on Genre. Part 2

Carl Jung defines the archetype as "forms or images of the collective nature which occur practically all over the Earth as constituents of myth and at the same time as autochthonous, individual products of unconscious origin," (Jung 88). In other words, Jung is saying these mythological constructs reference structures within our psyche and we can evaluate these constructs against a normal and dynamic psyche, so we might see the correlation between the structures of subjectivity and objectivity. This Read more [...]

Mythology and the Superhero: A Personal Reflection on Genre. Part 1

As a 12 years old on a rainy Saturday afternoon I would have nothing to do but lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Growing up in rural Western North Carolina there was only one television station we could pick up, so many times  I would look to the stack of comic books sitting on my desk for entertainment. I would reach over, pick one up, open one up and I would be whisked away into your mythic world where superheroes prowl the night and fly in sunlit skies. This my rainy Saturday afternoon Read more [...]

The Last Son of Krypton: Superman as the Metaphorical Embodiment of Kant’s Categorical Imperative.

  As a student of philosophy I have asked many time what is the practicality of my discipline and how I might apply it to the concrete world? This is a reasonable inquiry for the layman who sees a discipline so esoteric and obtuse that it defies understanding on the practical level. Many times philosophers have to resort to breaking down the concepts for those not in the discipline for the non-philosophers to understand the conceptual erudition that goes on in philosophy. Also, if the philosophers Read more [...]

Are the Wonder Twins Really Mormons?

What religion does your favorite Superhero practice.  The author of this page has tracked down thousands of comic-book references to create a database of hundreds of heroes matched to their philosophical and religious belief systems. This is really worth taking a look at. I had no idea that Superman was a Methodist. They also list environmentalism as a religion....I have said that for years.  The link is here.   Read more [...]