I Can’t Stand Gene Roddenberry

Sorry to all you Star Trek fans out there. I may be the only science fiction fan in the universe that really hates his guts. He stands in the annals of history with Karl Marx as one of the most vile perpetrators of socialism and communism this planet has ever known. I call him the used philosophy salesman.... and he was good at that job, one of the best. Today is the anniversary of his birth and I have been constantly reminded of this all morning. Tributes everywhere I look to the man who turned Read more [...]

Coming to a Home Near You 3-D Movies Without the Glasses

Soon you will be able to purchase a 3-D television that requires no glasses and that allows you to view the 3-D screen from almost any angle. An article in Science Daily published yesterday outlines the new technological advancement. Current 3-D technology relies on the glasses integrating two different views of the scene into a three dimensional whole. The new technology takes the perspective into account from five or more points, allowing the viewer to view what is happening on the screen from Read more [...]

New T-shirt Designs for The Freehold

There are several new designs at our Cafepress store. We hope you like these and if you love the site please buy our products and support our continuing efforts to bring you the best in Science Fiction and Fantasy from a Rational Conservative, Libertarian, and Objectivist point of view. This will be the last commercial for at least a month.(We beg for money less than TV or The Movies) The Freehold Store If you were wondering we have three different URLs www.nukemars.com www.scififreehold.com www.freeholdscifi.com   Read more [...]

Eve Online The Ultimate Science Fiction Game of Free Market Capitalism

Do your like free markets? Do you like adventure, intrigue, and massive real-time space combat? Then you are going to love Eve. Eve is a massive and I do mean massive multiplayer online role playing  experience.  Encompassing over 7000 star systems with 30-50 thousand people playing each day. Eve is the closest thing you can get to a real simulation of a space based economy and space combat on the planet. With an economy based on mining and mineral extraction there also come the hazards of pirates Read more [...]

Top Five Capitalists in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Because capitalists get almost no good press in today's world I thought I would run down my top five picks for positive capitalist role-models as depicted in science fiction and fantasy media from the past 100 years. 5. Coming in at number five Gomez Addams. Consummate family man who made his millions on the stock market with investments in unusual items such as vulture farms and tombstone factories. Gomez  the creation of Charles Addams is a loving father and unfailingly faithful husband. He Read more [...]

I Want This T-shirt

I really strive to bring to my readers the best in scifi and fantasy news and I try to minimize the numbers of ads they have to see in order to get that news. So this is not an ad. I get no money by promoting this at all. I hope they don't mind me doing some free advertising for them because this t-shirt is made of awesome. I like the word awesome and if I use it too often it is because I like the word. Can you tell I suffer from aspergers? I also realize the creators must be ripping off both Lucas Read more [...]

Heinlein Would be Proud of the Japanese Today- Combat Mecha

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=2iZ0WuNvHr8 A Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry has built and is selling a wearable mechanized battle suit. While it is slow at 7 or 8 miles per hour and really expensive coming in at 1.6 million dollars fully loaded, the KURATUS is the first of its kind available for sale. What I love about this is that this is just the beginning of this type of technology. Coupled with the Japanese love of all things robot and the American love Read more [...]

A Must See Classic Science Fiction Movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbZ4NVy_lxs The Transatlantic Tunnel is in my opinion one of the most important pieces of cinematic science fiction ever made. Released in 1935 this movie not only accurately depicts the rise of television and mobile phones it does it in such a way that these devices are never even commented on in the movie. They are merely background props that add a sense of reality. The movie is chock full of these little background details. For instance the best friend of the Read more [...]

An Online Libertarian Comic – we must work to keep these guys in business

http://www.bigheadpress.com/ Comics that speak to conservative/libertarian minds are few and far between. The best of these are gathered at Big Head Press. I haven't been checking the online comics I usually read because last semester I was writing my Master's thesis. When I did check up on "Escape From Terra" the flagship comic for Big head Press I noticed that they had quit producing and had a disclaimer that they could no longer afford to bring us the quality comics we expect from that site. Read more [...]

Asteroid Mining…Invest now!!!

http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/space/news/billionaires-aim-to-make-trillions-mining-asteroids-8310208?click=main_sr   You may think this is a pie in the sky plan...literally. I think however that this is the future. It is just a matter of time before this becomes profitable with unmanned drones and robots. When that happens pennies will rain from heaven. OK enough with the puns. Asteroid mining will be one of the biggest industry around in 100 years. If you want your children and Read more [...]