Not Just No, Hell No… SyFy is remaking Blake’s 7


SyFy is the channel of death when it comes to science fiction. It ruins franchises and destroys everything it touches. I just learned today that the Syphilis channel is about to remake Blake’s 7.  I have longed to see a new Blake’s 7 made by the BBC. The BBC understands science fiction and doesn’t treat it like a red headed step child. The morons at the SyFy channel can’t do justice to Blake and his crew. They don’t and can’t understand the source material. My prediction will be Blake will be treated with just about as much thought as the SyFy channel put into Flash Gordon or Sharktopus.

Avon pictured above is one of the greatest scoundrels in science fiction history. He is a cross between an evil Alexander Hamilton, Sherlock Holmes, and Albert Einstein. If they ruin Avon I might just go on a crusade to have the Syphilis channel dismantled. Since SyFy is owned by NBC I can guarantee you that the government of the Federation will be evil 1% types who have taken over the society of the future. Craptastic is the watch word on this.

About Jonathan David Baird

Jonathan David Baird has worked as an archaeologist for the past fifteen years throughout the Southeast. He left full-time field work in 2011 to finish graduate school. In 2012 Jonathan received a masters degree in English literature from Fort Hays State University. His focus of study was late Victorian Gothic horror. In 2014 he finished a second masters in American history with a focus on the Frontier. Jonathan is the editor and a major contributor to and has written for and edited several anthology collections.
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Ed Raby Sr says:

I have to say it. I hate remakes in general and when the SyFy channel remakes something I hate it even worse. Usually in remakes it is not that they actually have a better story, writers today don’t have the originality to pull that off. What they are counting on is CGI and ignorance and that is a falure every time.

Too many people think good CGI equals a good show. The strength of the original Blake’s 7 was that it had great stories. The FXs were horrible almost distracting but the stories were so good that those problems melted away. I am almost astonished that someone like Joss Whedon, or Rockne O’Bannon who have both stolen from Blake are not chomping at the bit to take control of this venture. The fact that syfy has control of this property is shameful.