Zombie Experiment in New York

These two videos represent something of a new phenomenon in the zombie fan community. While zombie walks both spontaneous and for charity have been occurring for at least the last five years these “zombie attacks” where the public is not alerted to the presence of the “zombies” is new. I love the idea in theory. but I can see the danger in this. Not for the public but for the zombies. Particularly the second video which was filmed in Miami just days after the “bath salt” zombie attack. There are neighborhoods where  a person running around acting like he is going to bite people could get seriously injured.



About Jonathan David Baird

Jonathan David Baird has worked as an archaeologist for the past fifteen years throughout the Southeast. He left full-time field work in 2011 to finish graduate school. In 2012 Jonathan received a masters degree in English literature from Fort Hays State University. His focus of study was late Victorian Gothic horror. In 2014 he finished a second masters in American history with a focus on the Frontier. Jonathan is the editor and a major contributor to NukeMars.com and has written for and edited several anthology collections.
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Carl says:

If gun control laws didn’t exist there would be no ‘unannounced’ zombie runs. lol

I have to agree. I am surprised the guy in Miami was not shot.