The Freehold Contest- Win a free copy of Sorcery, Steam, and Steel

That’s right we are running a contest here on the Freehold and the first place winner will receive a free copy of the second SteamGoth anthology. This book was just released today so you will be one of the first people to receive one.  Here is how the contest works….

Listen to the podcasts of the Hungry Angry Show ( ) then answer the questions below. The first one to email me at with all the correct answers wins.

Question 1- What movie does the name of the podcast (Hungry Angry Show) come from?

Question 2- What is Georgia Ballard’s Halloween costume going to be?

Question 3- Why is episode three entitled “Drinking shots from a woman”?

Question 4- In episode eight how deep does Jonathan Baird say his well is?

Question 5- Name one thing that anyone on the show purchased at the Self Reliance Expo?

If you are on the Podcast (William Mayfield I am talking to you) then you are not eligible to win.

About Jonathan David Baird

Jonathan David Baird has worked as an archaeologist for the past fifteen years throughout the Southeast. He left full-time field work in 2011 to finish graduate school. In 2012 Jonathan received a masters degree in English literature from Fort Hays State University. His focus of study was late Victorian Gothic horror. In 2014 he finished a second masters in American history with a focus on the Frontier. Jonathan is the editor and a major contributor to and has written for and edited several anthology collections.
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