The Conspiracy of Dunces: Why Liberty Minded People Need to Go Back to School

bad schoolsI wrote an article, not that long ago, on a similar subject called The Manchurian Professor: Stealing America Back From the Socialists. This essay should be considered part two of that article.

I want you to consider for a moment a situation. The situation involves the collapse of this country and its government under the weight of socialism. In this situation you need as many survival skills as necessary. You need to be the person Sarah A. Hoyt is talking about in her article entitled Because We’re The People Who Do. Those people have learned what they need to know to physically put our country back together after the collapse. Those are the people we, as lovers of liberty, need to be in our hearts and in our minds, but it is not enough. We need to not just be able to put the country back together; We need to be able to teach future generations the importance of liberty. If we seclude ourselves in our own small “Galt’s Gulch” we may save ourselves for a time but, if history is a guide, those who make themselves outsiders often find out too late that society does not like outliers. Instead of separating ourselves from society we need to take the reins. To do this we must infiltrate the houses of our enemies.

I sincerely believe that this collapse is coming, but I do not believe (as many do) that there is a conspiracy to collapse the state and then rebuild it in the socialist model of Cloward-Piven. I believe that we have a much worse conspiracy: A “Conspiracy of Dunces”. These dunces have already enacted Cloward-Piven accidentally. We already live under the opulent socialist paradise that was predicted. The dunces won, not through malice but through sheer altruistic ineptitude.  These dunces really believe that socialism works and that it is good for people. Ask any welfare recipient to name who cares about them. Look at any inner city you will find them. The dunces have inherited the country and have gifted it to the dregs of society. These people who refuse to lift a finger for themselves are fed, clothed, entertained, and pampered with money directly stolen from those of us dumb enough to believe we should get up and work for a living everyday.

At this point, you may be wondering why I call them dunces if they are in charge and have won the battle?  The reason is simple, THE WAR IS NOT OVER…..THE BILL MUST BE PAID. Heinlein was right: There is no such thing as a free lunch. The bill is about to come due. You can not support the weight of millions of freeloaders on the backs of the workers and entrepreneurs. We might have ten years left of that, but not much longer. Sooner or later, those people who really do all the work and those who create the wealth will get smart and drop out of the system. The Dunces know this, and they will keep squeezing tighter and tighter to prolong their Utopian vision, and inevitably there will be a “POP!” I don’t know if the pop will be a revolution or a collapse. Either way, we will see interesting times in our near future.

Then things will get back to normal. That is the pesky little secret. The more things change the more they stay the same. The same dunces or similar ones will be back in charge after the collapse, we will again be at the mercy of the dunces who rely on the dregs to support their rise to the top. The “People Who Do” will have rebuilt the society, they will have reestablished the rule of law once again, they will put into place a fair and equitable system, only to lose it again to the uneducated, easily swayed masses. The leeches and dregs will vote out sensible men and put into place the same kind of men who always seek to destroy by either graft, altruism, or both. What difference does it make if the politician rapes you for his own pleasure or for the pleasure of others…the result is the same. To give this article some geeky spin (since we are a journal of speculative fiction, after all), we are all Dozers who build and build, only to have all our work eaten by the shiftless Fraggles.

What can we do to break the cycle? To break out of the cycle we must first find what fuels it and turn off that fuel. We can’t stop graft and corruption, even the idea is utterly hopeless. It is Utopian in the extreme to believe that we can (see my article on why I hate Gene Roddenberry). So we have to realize that these things will always be a part of politics. The best we can do is mitigate it. There is a second more important way we can blunt the progress of socialism and cut the head off the Conspiracy of Dunces. The snake’s head lives in schools and universities across this nation. Public school teachers and university professors preach socialism as if it was a religion. IT IS A RELIGION. It is the most perfidious belief system that has ever existed. It’s adherents make the most fevered Christian or Muslim look like meek kittens. To break the cycle we must replace these teachers. We must go into the school systems and the universities and we must teach the next generation. Only education will save our society in the long run. We must return to school ourselves. We must pretend to be good little socialists. We must get good grades, lie through our teeth, and then get jobs in academia. We must subvert the system from the inside.

Oh I hear it now, from every libertarian blog out there…..”Stay away from academia. If you must go to college only study the STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Math). Only these subjects are worthy of our attention.” Bullshit…plain and simple. We already dominate those subjects. Those subjects are the domain of rational thinking and the dunces stay away from those for fear of exposing that they really aren’t as smart as they claim to be. We need to dominate the soft subjects. English, history, psychology etc. From these we can educate the next generation and by doing so turn the tide of battle in our favor. The school systems are the battle ground for the future. We can do the same thing the left did 40 years ago: Infiltrate, dominate, and then USE. Libertarians need to be the vanguard of the new educational system, but we must start from the inside.

BUT BUT BUT STUDENT LOANS… Yes, and your point is? I realize it is expensive to get a PhD. Trust me I really realize this (working on it now). The cost of liberty minded people fleeing academia is high. Allowing the leftists to dominate the Universities will destroy the future. That is a fact. If we allow them to dominate education they dominate the society…forever. Even the STEM subjects are starting to see a drop in the rate of people willing to take out the loans to get the degrees needed to teach. Soon even those subjects will be dominated by the left. Forget your spaceships, forget your new technology. The Luddites will be in charge soon.
If you have the courage of your convictions, take out a student loan, swallow your pride (it is only monopoly money), and get your degree. You know that this society can’t survive much longer printing money. The loans will be meaningless if the government collapses and if by some miracle the government doesn’t collapse and the economy strengthens (fat chance with these bozos in charge) then that degree will eventually pay for itself in a brighter future. We must take charge of the established educational system and rebuild it with liberty and individualism as the core value. You can not hope to save the future if all you do is home school your own children. You must take our message of independence to the masses who do not have the inclination or the ability to teach their own children. We can make the world a better place out of our own selfish motive to be free..

“Libertarians should never set out to create a society. The goal should be making the individual more free. This is a never ending process…there is no utopia at the end of the day, there is only the individual.
Libertarianism is not a means to an end; it is an end to the means.”

Let us take back education in this country, and end that path to socialism forever.


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