“Who Will Rid Me of This Troublesome Priest”: Obama’s Second Hand Murder Incorporated

You can argue all you want whether ObamaCare puts into place “death panels” or not. What we can all agree on is that ObamaCare has provisions which allow a government review board to decide if you receive treatment or not based on your “need”. The existence of this review board is not in question. Thousands of pages have been written on this subject both pro and con, and these arguments have established two basic ways of looking at this process. One side is straight logistics and economics: Implementing this kind of healthcare on a massive scale can never be cost effective if people are receiving any procedure they request without review. The other side argues from individual rights and ethics: Many people believe the individual should have a choice, and that the individual should decide what is right for himself or herself.

Let’s put all that aside for a moment and reflect on what we learned about the government in the last week, ending on 16 May 2013. In this week, the IRS admitted that they had targeted groups considered antagonistic towards the President. These groups, all conservative, were singled out for added scrutiny, extra paperwork, and outright intimidation. This is absolutely egregious. Not only is this illegal and immoral, it may well have swayed the election to the favor of Obama. Even if you side with this administration, you must realize that this kind of thing is unethical, and that it undermines the very foundation of our government. It also invites people to believe that we have become a tyrannical state – and for good reason. If you are a liberal, imagine yourself under this same abuse of power from the other side. I know that you guys are not very tolerant or open minded, but -just this once- stop foaming at the mouth and screaming “the Republicans deserve it” and try to think it through honestly. Admit it, it is ok, we already know: You would be livid. You would be marching in the streets and demanding the heads of anyone involved, and that is just the IRS… Now imagine if these same people that targeted these Tea Party groups had even more power.

You don’t need to imagine – just a few minutes ago I read this from ABC news.  “IRS Official in Charge During tea Party Targeting Now Runs Health Care Office“. The very person in charge of intimidating Obama’s enemies is now in charge of one section of ObamaCare implementation. A woman who has no trouble using the power of her office to attack her boss’ political enemies has found a new office with even more heinous powers. Forget the ability to audit or to throw you in prison. She now has the legal right to take away your ability to receive healthcare. Does anyone really believe that she and those who placed her in this high office have any compunction about second-hand murder?

Even if this woman is removed, who is to say that this administration will not appoint an even sterner ideologue. That has been the pattern so far, and I don’t see Obama changing his methods now. It is really easy to look the other way… if you put the right people in charge. You never have to actually know what your underlings are doing… if you put the right person in the office. The right word here or the right word there and they will do all manner of mischief in the name of the chief executive. No need for him to dirty his hands… the right people are in place to do it for him.

That kind of unrestrained power reminds me of someone.

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