The Most Dangerous Game: Progressive Liberals and Social Conservatives Want a Civil War

civilI am just going to come out and say it openly – this is going to piss off some of the more socially conservative readers here, but it must be said: Both the Progressive Liberals and the Social Conservatives are praying for a civil war in this country.

Not only that, both sides are licking their lips to murder each other. You don’t have to take my word for it. Look at any left wing blog or site. The death threats, open displays of anger, and vitriol is everywhere. These are people who have been brought to a boiling point. Social Conservatives are a little more restrained. There have been some incidents but for the most part they are playing it close to the chest, but the hatred is just as deep. I know that side better as a Libertarian, and I can say for sure they are preparing for the liberals to come for them.  Something very simple could boil this over into open conflict.

If it comes to pass, this conflict could well be even bloodier than the last time. The battle lines are even more pronounced, the hatred is much more intense. The last civil war was not as personal. People on either side might actually have liked each other but went to war one upon the other as a matter of doing their duty. They may have hated each other by the end, but that was not how it all started. This time, though, the two sides are going in with real vivid hatred, even bloodlust.

Currently, the left has the military advantage. Obama has been systematically culling the military for the past five years. Replacing key conservatives with hand-picked loyal liberals across the board and retiring or firing anyone who disagrees with him. His current weakness is the mid-level officer core that is still largely conservative in outlook, but even they are being slowly forced out in favor of the new breed of soldier. The right on the other hand has millions of trained soldiers who are now out of the military. This group is becoming more and more agitated as Obama pushes us further left. I know many of these men and they will only be pushed so far before they push back. They may not have the heavy weapons that the Left possesses, but they are well armed. Their training was better in the past than the current crop of recruits (that army of one). They also know the weapon systems and how to defeat them better than the raw new guys. This is not the push-over revolution that the Left believes they have engineered.

One group could stop this burgeoning civil conflict tomorrow if it wanted. The mainstream press could do its job and bury the Obama administration as easily as it created it, but they won’t. Most of them are as far left and as socialist… No, I take that back most of them are outright Marxist, and as ideologically pure as any member of the Obama administration. They believe that the glorious revolution is upon us, and that they are going to finally defeat all those bourgeois capitalists they have been taught to hate for all of their effete, privileged, and affluent lives. They have no intention of even reporting how far left Obama is taking this country. Preferring to belittle and mock anyone that dares say that Obama is a socialist or -God forbid!- a Communist. No, they instead call him “moderate” and almost as “conservative as George Bush”. These people are living in a dream and are dragging the country into a nightmare.

The utopia that the Progressive Left is searching for would be that totalitarian nightmare. We would see Stalinist purges in this country now, if they could get away with it. You can call me crazy and say I am wrong. A man like Obama does not pal around with someone like Bill Ayers and not pick up a few ideas. The left is ready and willing to see bodies dumped in open pit graves, by the millions. In fact there are many on the Left who use this image as masturbatory material. The media, Hollywood, and the educational system have done a masterful job of portraying anyone on the Right as subhuman. Jews were not more hated in 1930s Germany. The only thing preventing open murder of conservatives at this point is 200 million privately owned firearms. I know some people on the Left are calling me a lunatic right now for believing this. That’s OK, you guys believe that if you print enough money it will fix the economy. Only one of us is wrong.

The utopia that the Social Conservatives are searching for is just as bad as that of the Progressive Left. These SoCons believe we need to “return” to a Bible-centered country and -by God!- we should make the Bible the law of the land. I have even seen some of the sub-groups within the Social Conservatives openly say that freedom can only be had within the confines of God’s law… of course God’s law is whatever interpretation and nonsense that the Preacher of the moment thinks it is. These people would see The Handmaid’s Tale made real. They scare me just as much as does the Progressive Left. Some others on the Social Right see the Confederacy as a symbol of the utopia they are looking for. Both of these Social Conservative groups are batshit crazy.

The rest of us are caught in the middle. I don’t want either side to win. I want to be left alone. Neither of those groups will agree to that simple request.

I like to think that, come the revolution, the Lawyers would be the first people up against the wall. I think the reality is that it will be the socially liberal conservatives and Libertarians. I said a few days ago that the curse of being a Libertarian is that people on the Left hate you, but that there are those on the Right that hate you even more…

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