Call For Papers: New Book on Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY and SERENITY

I’ll openly admit that I’m not a big fan of Whedon’s major science fiction franchise, although its vocal and affectionate cult following have tried to persuade me otherwise.  Although much better than earlier failed attempts at literally making a space Western such as Outland and Moon Zero Two, I still felt that it suffered from being too obviously a horse opera in a space opera’s clothing, long after we’ve all been reminded by professional science fiction writers and editors that you can’t replace horses, Stetsons and six-shooters with rocket ships, space helmets and death rays, and call it science fiction. Still, I won’t begrudge its popularity if it helps bring science fiction to a larger audience, and if you’re interested, the Rhetoric Society of America has announced a call for papers for a new volume centering around the show. Full details are available at the link provided:

Call for Papers: Joss Whedon’s Firefly

It has been ten years since Joss Whedon’s Firefly (2002-3) was first screened. Although
narrative covered only one season and a film, the series has enjoyed a long afterlife through comic books, a roleplaying game, and the fan community. Despite the continued interest in,and development of, the series, Firefly remains relatively unexplored in academic literature,particularly when compared to the critical attention directed towards Whedon’s earlierseries, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). This volume, comprising of 12 essays, to be published by Scarecrow Press, seeks to address
this imbalance. We are looking for 5,000-7,000 word contributions which fall into one of the following broad areas:
300-500 word proposals should be sent to by May 1st 2013. Proposals
should include the author’s email address and affiliation. Full papers will be expected by
September 1st 2013.






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  1. The funny thing is that I have an extended version of the paper I wrote for the Freehold on the origin of American Science Fiction as it developed from Frontier culture that would fit in quite well in this. I guess I will send in a proposal. (I am also not that big a fan of Firefly).

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