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The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Captain Capitalism, Aaron Clarey

The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Captain Capitalism, Aaron Clarey

The Enquiring HitchhikerI discovered Aaron Clarey’s work when I watched this you tube video

The video intrigued and and I purchased his book “Enjoy the Decline”.  I don’t agree with everything Aaron has to say in the book but I do believe he is on the right track when he says that we have to modify our thinking about this country and to modify our behavior to match this new reality.  We have rarely interviewed people outside the speculative fiction community for this site but I believe Captain Capitalism has something important to say about the future of this nation and the fortunes of our readers.


Question 1. You are really down on education in the book and in your videos unless it is something useful like a trade school, engineering, or math. If the economy is going to collapse under the weight of the parasite class does it really matter what you get the degree in as long as you are having fun doing it?


Yes, for two reasons. 1. A STEM degree will provide you at least SOME skills in a post-collapse society/economy. Just because the economy collapsed doesn’t mean people will no longer demand electricity, surgeons and other skills that they do today. If anything your skill set will probably be in more demand since you’re one of the few people who can “repair or rebuild” society. 2. Why would you waste your time and money today on classes that you “like” when 99.9% of those classes can be self-taught at the library? Whether there’s an economic collapse or not, all you managed to achieve was wasting your time and money. You would be better served taking that money and instead of spending it on tuition buy a tool set or some silver pieces.


Question 2. I am not quite as pessimistic as you are. The 2012 election seems to have been your breaking point in regards to salvaging our society (mine is 2016). Do you believe there is no chance at this point for productive Americans to pull us back from the brink?


No, no chance. When you have such a veritable and spectacular failure like Barack Obama get re-elected then it proves the electorate is too far gone, too far stupid, and too far ignorant to ever come back without serious economic pain. It is my firm belief that all 310 million Americans need to suffer economic strife and misery, AND for a long enough time they are forced to think through the basic principles of economics and their own ideologies. Until that happens the left (and the established political class right) will continue to borrow money from foreigners and the future to bribe these idiots into voting for them, shielding them from their own mistakes.


Question 3. What do you think of the current Libertarian ideology that is sweeping through the grassroots of the Republican Party? Do you think Rand Paul has a chance of winning the presidency in 2016?


No, the establishment Republicans will ensure their nepotists and cronyists will continue to maintain control. Good lord, Jeb Bush is aiming to run for president and the people in the Republican party can’t figure out why that might be a bad idea. The Libertarians need to not only take over the Republican party, but kick every corrupt, nepotist and trust funder out of the party.


Question 4. I want to enjoy the decline but I have one stumbling block. I cannot stand the smug superiority of the left. In my opinion there are only two kinds of leftists. Devils and Dupes. The Devils know they are destroying the country and think that they will be on top of the new order and the dupes are just too stupid to realize what they are doing. How do you now get angry with these people?


Oh, I get angry, I just don’t let it get to me. In the last chapter of “Enjoy the Decline” I title it “Revenge” in that it shows people how to enjoy the misery of people on the left. And if you look at people on the left, they ARE miserable. No matter how much of other people’s money they get, they STILL have to beg and plead for more because they are not independent. No matter how many fake awards and titles they give themselves, they never achieve anything. And arguably the worst thing for leftists is how they destroy the best thing they can possibly have in life – a loved one. Leftists women want to be men and leftist men want to be women. I say it not to take a cheap shot, but HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT LEFTIST PEOPLE LOOK LIKE??? They’re ugly as sin. Liberal women get to date weak effeminate men (mostly) and liberal men get to date women that are the furthest thing from “feminine.” Their love lives are impaired. In short leftists (the dupes as you call them) are living in a delusional world and when it doesn’t jive with reality, there is a price to pay, namely a lesser life.


Question 5. We really like to discuss the specifics of independent publishing here on the Freehold. Several of the authors we have interviewed started their careers publishing independently before they began working for one of the big publishing houses. Can you tell us a little about your philosophy of indy publishing?


It’s the only way to go. No traditional publisher is ever going to consider you unless you do 1 of 2 things.


1. Write books independently and gain enough notoriety they want to sign you up.

2. Are related to somebody in the east coast publishing business.


Sadly, the traditional publishing industry is a cesspool of nepotists, trust fund kids, and English majors with connections. This means networking and genetics will get you published, not good writing. So you have to self-publish to the point you can’t be ignored. Of course by that time you probably won’t need traditional publishers. If you have a large enough internet presence you won’t need a traditional publishers paltry 5% cut with a whopping $20,000 signing fee. You have Amazon’s 70% cut, Kindle’s 70% cut and Kobo’s 70% cut. In short, the publishing industry I believe is in revolution and at the end of it the traditional publishing houses will be marginalized to a dinosaur niche of the market serving the aging generations who insist on going to a book store and holding a physical book. The remaining 95% of the market belongs to self-publishing and digital readers.

Thank you for the interview Captain Capitalism.

Call For Papers: New Book on Joss Whedon’s FIREFLY and SERENITY

I’ll openly admit that I’m not a big fan of Whedon’s major science fiction franchise, although its vocal and affectionate cult following have tried to persuade me otherwise.  Although much better than earlier failed attempts at literally making a space Western such as Outland and Moon Zero Two, I still felt that it suffered from being too obviously a horse opera in a space opera’s clothing, long after we’ve all been reminded by professional science fiction writers and editors that you can’t replace horses, Stetsons and six-shooters with rocket ships, space helmets and death rays, and call it science fiction. Still, I won’t begrudge its popularity if it helps bring science fiction to a larger audience, and if you’re interested, the Rhetoric Society of America has announced a call for papers for a new volume centering around the show. Full details are available at the link provided:

Call for Papers: Joss Whedon’s Firefly

It has been ten years since Joss Whedon’s Firefly (2002-3) was first screened. Although
narrative covered only one season and a film, the series has enjoyed a long afterlife through comic books, a roleplaying game, and the fan community. Despite the continued interest in,and development of, the series, Firefly remains relatively unexplored in academic literature,particularly when compared to the critical attention directed towards Whedon’s earlierseries, Buffy, the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003). This volume, comprising of 12 essays, to be published by Scarecrow Press, seeks to address
this imbalance. We are looking for 5,000-7,000 word contributions which fall into one of the following broad areas:
300-500 word proposals should be sent to by May 1st 2013. Proposals
should include the author’s email address and affiliation. Full papers will be expected by
September 1st 2013.






The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Author Larry Correia

The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Author Larry Correia

The Enquiring Hitchhiker

This week the Enquiring Hitchhiker is proud to bring you the New York Times bestselling author of the Monster Hunter series Larry Correia…


Question 1. You broke into writing by self publishing your first book. How did you market the novel and what experiences positive and negative did you have with that first book?


After getting rejected everywhere I decided to self publish. Since I was already well known in the internet gun community, I concentrated my efforts there. Specifically on a couple of gun forums, including one that I’d been a moderator on for a really long time. I posted some free online fiction serials (that way people could see that I could actually write) and then I put in extra gun stuff to appeal to my target audience.


It blew up huge. Then a big independent bookstore (Uncle Hugos) picked it up, and then my little self published book wound up on national bestseller list (Entertainment Weekly). Then I was picked up by Baen and I’ve been there ever since.


Question 2 . What is your advice to our readers if they are trying to make it in self publishing?


Don’t do it unless you are a self promoting son of a gun. With the state of the industry now and the ease of e-publishing, you need to differentiate yourself from a whole lot of competition. You need to be a really good writer, tell a really good story, and figure out how to get it in front of your target audience.


I always tell aspiring writers that there are really only two steps to having a successful writing career. 1. Get good enough that people will give you money for your stuff. 2. Find the people who will give you money for your stuff. Self publishing isn’t any different.


Question 3. One of the things I find refreshing about you books is that you write about killing monsters. I am a huge fan of the old Hammer monster flicks from the 60s and 70s and I am so tired of the misunderstood vampire and all the angst ridden BS that comes with it. What is your take on the current state of fantasy/horror fiction genre?


I think that a lot of monster fans have gotten incredibly bored as the romantic misunderstood sexy vampires took over. There is a big market for urban fantasy and horror with actual real bad monsters. I think a big part of my success is because of the timing of the anti-Twilight backlash. We want our monsters to be monstrous. We don’t want monsters that want to date you, we want monsters that want to eat you. If a monster is sexy, it should only be because that is how it attracts it prey like a lantern fish or something. People are sick of this wussification of our monsters.




Question 4. Your work contains many Lovecraftian elements however they seem to be much more over the top than anything Lovecraft wrote and your heroes seem to have a much better grasp on their sanity. Do you think that our society has become accustomed to the idea of monsters, aliens, and other horrors? For instance I have friends who are preparing for the zombie apocalypse as we speak.


Those are good friends to have.


Serious answer, I love and grew up on Lovecraft. However, most Lovecraft stories are well mannered New Englanders telling each other stories and getting scared of noises in the dark. Now as much as I enjoy that, it simply isn’t my writing style. I’m an action adventure pulp writer masquerading as an urban fantasy author.


Plus, my audience tends to not be the “victim” type. They don’t want to read about the people who scream, and run, and get eaten, but rather those that take care of business. This has worked out really well for me.


Question 5. Your books are noted for their accurate depictions of firearms and tactics. I have also read the article you wrote about gun control. We always ask one political question but you covered your anti-gun control feelings so well in the article I think I will merely ask what are your current thoughts on the state of this nation?


I think we are in a bad place, with people clamoring for a government big enough to take care of everything, but not realizing that a government big enough to do everything is also big enough to take everything away. I think that America is at a crossroads, with more and more people realizing how endangered our freedoms are.


Thank you for the Interview and we look forward to seeing more from the Monster Hunter Nation.