Seeing the Future Through the Eyes of the Past: The Utopia That Never Was

I rarely miss a beat when it comes to science fiction films especially those produced in the 1970s. I love cheesy special effects and horrible acting. I was pleasantly surprised to find this gem of a film the other day.  I had never seen it before and it contains all my favorite 70's elements. Below is the link to the full movie. The movie only runs about 38 minutes which is probably why it was never shown in wider circulation and why I have not seen it before. https://www.avgeeks.com/wp2/libra-1978/ This Read more [...]


1. INTRODUCTION               In present times, I think there are few attitudes more naïve than those which most people have about our modern fictitious heroes, when people consider them as simply imaginary figures whose only function is to entertain. Certainly, the greatest part of our imaginary characters from movies, series and comic books, give us nothing more than entertainment; but there are heroes that go beyond this commonplace condition, and they reach the status of true modern Read more [...]

The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Chad Byers of the World of the Weird Monster Show

This week The Enquiring Hitchhiker interviews Chad Byers who is better known as Undead Johnny the host of World of the Weird Monster Show. The World of the Weird Monster Show is a horror host/sketch comedy show that premiered on Halloween Night 2004. It airs on Comcast Cable in Chicagoland as well as on The Monster Channel (monsterchannel.tv) The show is currently on hiatus on The Monster Channel but will be back soon with all new shows showcasing up and coming independent film makers featuring Read more [...]

Libertarian Genesis: How a Little House on the Prairie Inspired the Libertarian Party

This is not technically an article about speculative fiction. The marriage of science fiction and libertarian thought can not be dismissed however, and this marriage has given us some of the greatest works of science fiction of the twentieth century. I have discussed in earlier articles the idea that all modern American science fiction is a direct descendant of our common frontier heritage. The same can be said for libertarianism. It found its first expression in the pioneer spirit and that spirit Read more [...]

Mythology and the Superhero: A Personal Reflection on Genre. Part 3

For thousands of years humans were supplied with myths and legends to fuel their psyche's need for the archetypes and icons that came to them from their dream realm. Perhaps we could say that the rise of modern science and humanism subjugated that need but the need was still there as a shadow under the surface. We could trace the decline of myth back to the 17th century during the Age of Reason when scientific method was born and formed be backbone of The Enlightenment and humanism which is prevalent Read more [...]