Buy Either of the SteamGoth Anthology Books for 0.99 cents on Kindle

We don’t normally push our products but since we are having an after Christmas saleĀ  I thought I would give everyone that reads the Freehold a heads up.

Check out our books here…


Monsters, Magic, and Machines



Or Here…
Sorcery, Steam, and Steel
(BTW Kindle lists SSS as having 94 pages it is actually 202 pages long so it is longer than MMM… For some reason Kindle has read the page length incorrectly when it was uploaded)


That also reminds me that in March our next SteamGoth Anthology will be coming out and it will be called Goggles, Gears, and Gremlins (we like to beat a theme to death)

Enjoy the sale and we will soon have brand new articles up for your enjoyment.

Thanks! Always glad to know about 99c ebooks! Especially steampunk and gothic! I bought them both!