Weather Control, Sandy, and The Wrath of God

I remember a long time ago I saw an old newsreel about the possibilities of weather control.  The short movie speculated that hurricanes could be diverted with rockets shot into the atmosphere and thus creating artificial moisture or pressure centers.  More recently the idea is to use mirrors to artificially heat areas of atmosphere and do much the same thing.  The main idea is to create atmospheric barriers that storms and hurricanes cannot cross or that weaken those storms as they cross them.  It would also be possible to strike the center of a storm and weaken it.  If perfected the whole thing would make things like super storm Sandy a thing of the past.  From a getting off this rock point of view, terraforming possibilities exist within these technologies, so more power to these people on several fronts.

Hurricane Sandy / Super Storm Sandy has been one of those storms where I think such weather control technology would have been well worth the money spent.  I believe it would be a welcome addition to any disaster control team.

That said, I suppose I should apologize for my misguided and egotistical Christian brethren who propose that such disasters are God’s Wrath.  Sorry, I do not think so.  It gets very hard to maintain such theology in the face of say children being drowned by flood-waters or burned by fires.  When good people suffer, it is hard to say this is the Wrath of God.  It makes God into a mean sadistic SOB.  I would rather look at it as one of those things that simply exists in this world and to be honest in many respects I think they are ever-present simply to teach the human race to grow, develop and mature.  Perhaps God is simply waiting for us to get off our collective asses and develop weather control.  God has perhaps placed the solutions to our problems in our hands but we have not the sense to act.  We are waiting to be delivered and the tool of our deliverance is already in our hands.

Unfortunately, to many of those of faith see God as a cosmic Santa Claus that one needs to always bail them out of a jam.  God becomes the thing that saves them not the one who develops them.  As a father, I often have the means to bail my children out of a jam but that does not mean I always should.  I have never attempted to spoil my children because I feel it would be bad for them.  I believe God is much the same way.  This is not God’s wrath, it is simply the laws of physics in action and we have the capacity to stop it if we put our collective minds to it.  If God were to just take storms and hurricanes away, how would we get better as a race?  It is the challenges that make us grow.  People die yes, but people die every day.  These things are just another way it happens.

My ultimate goal as a father is that my children love me but can stand on their own two feet for most of life.  They may still need family and community from time to time but for the most part I think and hope that I have taught them that the first duty of a citizen is to take care of themselves so they are in a position help others and not be a burden to society.  That is achieved by defending and valuing your freedom and the freedom of others, not by controlling others or limiting others.  You also have to ultimately trust yourself in the end.  Liberty and opportunity are the greatest gifts and they need to be defended at all costs in order for a person to achieve this or a society to achieve greatness.  If God acts the same way, then maybe it is simply time to do for ourselves to grow up as  the human race.

Yes, I know there are other people who read and write for this site who are not believers.  It is not my point, that they should be; rather, my point is that being a believer does not mean that one should divorce oneself from using grey matter to think intelligently.  I only buy the wrath of God angle, if some guy gets out there and predicts the disaster ahead of time with details like intensity, date and time and then it happens.  Otherwise, it is simply a storm like many others.

What should be happening from those of faith is not judgment, but fulfilling of the mandate to treat others as we would want to be treated.  So far the truest Christian I have seen in all this is one of my parishioners who will be traveling east with some friends and a water pump to help people get the waters back where they belong.  He does not give two dingoes’ kidneys whether or not Sandy is God’s wrath or not, he just knows people need help and he is going to help them. What we need is not condemnation by the religious talking heads, but a use of our minds to come up with better ways to help with and stop disasters.  Then perhaps, God will see we have matured and guide us to and through the next step.  Maybe weather control by humans is God’s objective.

The victims of Sandy can either be casualties of God’s wrath or a catalyst for us to be better and do better as human beings.  I choose the latter.

5 thoughts on “Weather Control, Sandy, and The Wrath of God

  1. As one of those non-believers I appreciate this article. As you know earlier in the week I went ballistic on several Christians who were posting on facebook about this being the wrath of God against the Wicked North East.

    1. Recently read an article that remarked that for the first time in US history less than 50% of the population identify themselves as Protestant Christian. The reason stated was the rise fo the ‘no religion’ category which is at 20%. I have been remarking for years that the approach of calling people ‘wicked’ and calling down judgment is not gaining us any friends. Nor does it require much grey matter. The satistics seem to indicate I am corrrect.

      Fundamentalist Chrisitanity in the US generally identifies four areas of the country as wicked – The Northeast with its liberal democracts and gambling in Atlantic City; New Orleans with Mardi Gras and all the lax morality that goes with it; Southern Callifornia with its loose morals, Hollywood, liberal attitudes and Las Vegas – sin city itself. Right now two fo these areas have been hit by natural disaster in the last decade – The Northeast and New Orleans. The argument goes that God is giving judgment and it will only be a matter of time before Southern California gets hit by an earthquake and Las Vegas gets hit by something else. I don’t buy this reasoning but if some thing does happen to California or Las Vegas hang on to your hats as the fundamentalists will have their trifecta.

        1. Not a problem. I agree wholeheartedly about all regions will be hit by something sooner or later. I am just pointing out what people believe. Unfortunately, religious people tend to interpret events in light of their own percieved superior morality. If something were to happen to the other two regions they would precieve it as a sign from God that they are right. Interestingly enough when such disasters hit ‘righteous’ areas fo the country nothing is said.

          The main effect these folks are trying to achieve is fear and with it control. Keeps the rank and file in line. I left all that behind when I left my denomination and went independent.

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