Farnham’s Freehold and My Response to the Recent Election

Yeah, I know the site’s name came from this book and I am feeling a little presumptuous, but given the events a week ago, I have to ask a lot of soul-searching questions.

Farnham’s Freehold was probably the most controversial book Heinlein ever wrote.  It is at least in the top three.  The main issue: racism can cut both ways.  The postulate that blacks and whites could switch places and that the blacks would use whites as food as well as slaves was one that was not well received.  Heinlein used up a lot of his guru capital he gained with Stranger in a Strange Land to make this one.  In the racially tense 1960s, this took guts.

I have to wonder in some fashion if this is not happening in a more symbolic sense.  First off, I am not a racist.  I don’t care about the color of a person’s skin, my question is the color of their politics.  Symbolically there does seem to be a connection however.  The minorities make up a large part of the Democrat vote and they have won.  They are in power in the Senate and the Executive Office fo this country.  The House is still in Republican hands.  They campaigned on the notion of making the rich (dare I say white) people pay more and give them more stuff for free.  This bread and games strategy worked and the supporters of this notion came out in droves.  Personally,  I think this is the beginning of the end for this Republic and I am wondering which direction to turn.

Option One: Wait

This is the easiest thing to do and probably the one requiring the most guts.  It, however would mean watching the slow decline of the economy over the next two to four years.  Sorry, you can’t add this much money to the debt and then throw a healthcare system like Obama Care and not have it be detrimental effect on the economy.  Already the news talking heads are talking about the fiscal cliff were heading off.  Companies are now announcing that they will have to reduce hours and lay people off to pay for the requirement of health insurance.  This is going to lead to most employees being part-time to avoid full-time benefits and I believe double-digit unemployment will follow in less than two years.

Politically, this will happen fast enough for a backlash.  I predict that like Obama’s first term this will mean a loss of seats in both the House and Senate in 2014.  Obama will lose the support of Congress when the Senate falls to Republicans.  Obama will; however, not change anything.  He will see himself as the last line of defense for his plan and being the radical he is, he will fight for it even to the detriment of the country.  Despite pressure from Congress, the people and even the media, Obama will stand fast.  He is far to arrogant to believe anything other than he is right.  In 2016, the country will elect a Republican president but he will inherit a mess.

The problem with this scenario is that the media and the Obama campaign have been very successful in demonizing the corporations and rich and I don’t think that will stop.  Ultimately the people will have to be decided who is a fault and the Obama camp will play the ‘rich people are to blame’ card.  How effective this will be will be anyone’s guess.

Option Two: Prepper

Maybe it is time to prepare for the worst.  To be like the Farnham’s and fight not only for survival but for the preservation of the American culture and ideals.  To emerge from the wasteland and restart things is an appealing image but it is not one I relish.  I live  in the most prosperous country in the world and I would like that to continue.  I cannot be blind; however, to the fact that collapse can happen and I need to be better prepared.

Option Three: Take Action

But which action?  This depends on what I think the future will be.  If collapse is inevitable, then the best thing is to be a part of something like Asimov’s Foundation that will shorten the time between collapse and rebirth.  If I think the situation is salvageable, then the option would be to do what I can to salvage it.  Not an easy choice because I am not sure which option will be reality.

So, what to do?  Perhaps there is nothing to really do but take each day as it comes and work toward all the possibilities.  Problem, my resources are limited and if I am to survive and be successful, I need to eliminate what will not be the case quickly so I can focus I what legitimately could be.

In the end I need some advice from my readers here at The Freehold.  Perhaps you have an option I haven to thought of.

4 thoughts on “Farnham’s Freehold and My Response to the Recent Election

    1. It is certainly not racism but merely clarifying your stance on race. This is especially important in a society in which 50% of the public is so racially aware that this very awareness takes on a mob mentality and results in witch hunts and false allegations of racism…Much as you are doing. Anyone who dares bring up any question of race risks being called racist. Case in point.

      This site is for people who have the freedom to think and express themselves without fear of closed minded people who are constantly seeking to label anyone that disagrees with their point of view as racist. So please feel free to read the site. Do not ever feel free to call anyone on this site racist. I do not allow racists to write for this site.

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