Meet Disney’s New Princess

With Disney acquiring the rights to Star Wars they now also own the rights to at least two new Disney princesses. Princess Leia and Princess Amidala. Now just for a second think about this. The Television show Once Upon a Time has been given the rights to use any and all Disney princesses in their production. In fact the show is basically all about the various princesses and each one is slated to be on the show at some point. I don’t honestly think that the show’s producers would do this but a cameo by either one of the Star Wars princesses would be epic. OK, I am a huge Geek and my geek slip is showing. However, last week the Mad Hatter said that he could travel to any world that had magic in it. If the “Force” is not magic I don’t know what it is. (It is certainly not microscopic organisms in a person’s blood stream). If anyone at Disney is reading this, the fans want slave Leia to make an appearance on the show. Please, we all really want to see that or even Amidala she could make an appearance as well.

Besides Once Upon a Time, Disney has the ability to open up a whole host of Star Wars related Princess products that never existed under George Lucas. Imagine the possibilities.

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