Highbrow? – Hey, It Just Comes with the Territory

Perhaps there are some who visit this site and read our articles and make the accusation that the site is too highbrow.  To them I wish I could apologize but it just comes naturally for us conservative / libertarian types.  To be both you have to cut against the grain and that means you are going to think differently from everyone else.  It is very easy look at entertainment like we do and offer up criticism or praise if you are going to simply say what everyone else is.  It is much harder to look at it with a different point of view in mind.  Particularly if you are going to be judge entertainment based on a particular point of view that people do not find popular.

The entertainment industry is largely liberal and those who review it are also liberal.  I do not think this is in any way a stretch, it is simply so.  Unlike those liberal reviewers who deny this is true of themselves, we here at The Freehold do not.  We make it our stock in trade to say “I am a conservative and a libertarian and I think this movie, book, tv show, website, etc. is a bunch of liberal trash” or the opposite.  This is simple plain honesty.  It also simply comes with being conservative and libertarian.

As a conservative, I look at science fiction and fantasy with an eye to what I think works economically, socially or politically.  I am not interested in someone presenting an idea that in real life would not work in these areas.  It is interesting that liberals do feel that we can just spend our way to prosperity, but at the same time it is interesting that they never promote this idea in their fiction.  If you are going to present an ideological system for the public in science fiction or fantasy wrapping paper, then it still better be practical.

As a libertarian, I think books and movies that promote the idea that too much freedom is a bad thing for the individual are wrong.  Hey, I understand duty and honor, but those are things people should have to embrace because they have chosen to embrace them.  I understand law, but laws should be used to protect individual rights not restrict them.  It takes thinking to divided the line in the right place.

Notice the last two paragraphs, I do not judge a book or movie about what I FEEL about it, but what I THINK about it.  This is the classic difference between liberals and conservatives.  I have to think about things. Feelings are not right or wrong and therefore they are not a judge of right or wrong.  Feelings do provide passion, but they should never form the basis of what we do.  We should think about what we are going to do and then put our feelings behind that thought.  Science Fiction and Fantasy’s purpose if done right, does not just entertain, it should cause you to think and thus look at things differently.

This is why I don’t think this site can escape the label ‘highbrow’  Highbrow simply means that it is done with a scholarly mind.  A scholarly mind that thinks about what the issue at hand is and offers an opinion on that thought, not on what is felt.  Feelings may be there but to the scholar, they should be shaped by thought, not the other way around.  Highbrow is then simply just a product of being conservative and libertarian – it means you think first.

It is a moniker I will gladly accept.


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