Freehold Radio and the Hungry Angry Show Podcast

If you read the Freehold regularly you may be aware of the podcast we do live every Sunday at noon. If you are not a regular reader it may come as a complete surprise. If you have not listened to the podcast please take few minutes and see if you like what we are doing. I get frenetic during many of the podcasts and I am not sure if it is because we are talking about my favorite subject matter but I seem to have a very spastic approach to podcasting. My other two hosts are a little more sedate, although William Mayfield (Rob) has his moments. Georgia Ballard is our anchor. She sometimes keeps us from going off the deep end. This is not like other podcasts you will hear. I don’t think a  hillbilly nerd, a geeky Cajun, and a cosplay Grrl have ever met each other on the microphone before. Come join us.

There are now over nine hours of content in the podcast vault and we discuss the entire panoply of geekdom. From literature and television shows to the prevalence of the hipster nerd crowd in today’s culture. Check us out…. The Hungry Angry Show

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