Disney Buys Star Wars

Today will be remember in the annals of history for two events. First the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and second the salvation of Star Wars from the death of a thousand cuts it has suffered under George Lucas. Here at the Freehold we are huge fans of the juggernaut capitalism of Walt Disney. The man and his legacy were genius. Today I have just heard word that Disney has purchased Lucas Films which include the rights to the Star Wars Universe for 4.05 billion dollars. A few years ago Disney bought Marvel comics to get the movie rights and If the Marvel movies are any indication the new Star Wars movie… yes you heard that right “NEW STAR WARS” movie that Disney is planning for 2015 will be epic.

We can all be thankful that Star Wars is out of the hands of that horrible hack George Lucas.

May the Force be with Disney.

3 thoughts on “Disney Buys Star Wars

  1. John Carter was great, it was very pulpy and had the feel of a 1920’s science-fiction story. I don’t know how it could’ve been any better.

    But, if The Avengers, Pirates and Carter are ANY indication, Episode VII will be grand, regardless of where it’s set. Oh, one more thing.

    Jar Jar Binks.

    To anyone complaining even 13 years later, please, people, grow up. He only said one thing in his last feature film appearance. He only ruins it if you ALLOW him to.

    That being said, I intend, in 2015, on putting on a Mandalorian helmet, and going to the theater.

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