Aliens and Serial Killers: The New Season of American Horror Story


I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the first season of American Horror Story. The show is brilliant. As much as I would probably hate the politics of the show runners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk I can give them a pass simply because they are masterful storytellers. If you know anything about me you know that for me story is the most important aspect of any entertainment endeavor. So last season was a masterpiece of the storyteller’s art.

We have been promised that each season will be a different type of horror and that each Season will be one encapsulated story. An anthology series in which each story is a season long. Has this ever been attempted before? If not this is a genius idea. The new season introduces us to an entire cast of new characters, some of which are being played by actors from the first season. In the same way that each season will be a separate story the show runners have promised that each season will feature a different kind of supernatural horror (they have promised never to have that horror be vampires).  I was wondering what this season could possibly have in store for us as the monster/ghost/etc and as I watched last night and it blew me away. (Ok, that pun was intentional and when you watch the first episode you will know why) all I need to say is that we are being presented with a story that combines serial killers and aliens. Before last night I would have said “That’s Insane” (another intentional pun). I would have never believed that you could combine the two and create a watchable show but Murphy and Falchuk have pulled it off.

Now I did have some minor quibbles. The show starts off with some very stiff, uneven, and even unwieldy dialogue.  I believe the problem stemmed from needing to quickly impart to the viewer what the show was about and this led to an overabundance of expository dialogue and that never works well. As the show progressed across the hour it left this behind and by the end the dialogue was crisp and worked well. At least we have now been informed about each of the character’s motivations so I expect no more problems.

As I was watching I thought the inclusion of the aliens would end up being just part of Kit Walker’s (Evan Peter) psychological delusion. I was floored when the Doctor (James Cromwell) discovered an alien implant in Walker’s neck. We will see more of that implant I am sure. The fact that the aliens abducted an interracial couple seems likes an appropriate homage to the story of Betty and Barney Hill who claim to have been abducted in the early 1960s. I am giving this show very high marks and believe that it will be one of the television highlights of the season.

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