Meet Disney’s New Princess

With Disney acquiring the rights to Star Wars they now also own the rights to at least two new Disney princesses. Princess Leia and Princess Amidala. Now just for a second think about this. The Television show Once Upon a Time has been given the rights to use any and all Disney princesses in their production. In fact the show is basically all about the various princesses and each one is slated to be on the show at some point. I don't honestly think that the show's producers would do this but a cameo Read more [...]

Disney Buys Star Wars

Today will be remember in the annals of history for two events. First the horrible aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and second the salvation of Star Wars from the death of a thousand cuts it has suffered under George Lucas. Here at the Freehold we are huge fans of the juggernaut capitalism of Walt Disney. The man and his legacy were genius. Today I have just heard word that Disney has purchased Lucas Films which include the rights to the Star Wars Universe for 4.05 billion dollars. A few years ago Read more [...]

Wagon Train to the Stars*: How the American Frontier Experience Created Modern Science Fiction

Frederick Jackson Turner changed the face of American history when he introduced his thesis on the importance of the American Frontier experience in 1893. While not initially embraced his work is seminal in understanding how historians and even the public viewed the frontier for almost a hundred years. In Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner we find a succinct series of essays on the American frontier and how it shaped the United States. This powerful collection of essays encompasses Turner's frontier Read more [...]

Book Review – A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

When a series of books spawns an award-winning HBO Series, I suppose one should take notice.  I have an aversion to popularity contests when it comes to books, but I decided to give this one a try.  I was not disappointed. Probably the best thing this book does is get rid of a lot of fantasy novel norms.  The good guys are always good and the evil guys always evil being one of them.  This book dismisses that idea by giving each character both lovable and despicable qualities.  Even the Read more [...]

Halloween Podcast

We will be doing a live pod cast tonight for Halloween. It has been decided that we will be at Shadowline Park in Chesterfield North Carolina. It is considered one of the most haunted locations in Western N.C. We will be doing the audio Podcast live and we will be filming the podcast and surrounding area looking for Ghosts. So be sure to tune in around 5:30 or 6:00 for the start of the podcast. Click on the Freehold Podcast link to get to the show. Read more [...]


The second installment of the movie version of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is out now, which is sparking renewed interest in the late author's works.  In one on-line forum, someone brought up her novella, Anthem.  As in George Lucas' THX-1138, or William F. Nolan's Logan's Run, the average citizen is reduced to a number. I find that rather unrealistic. Dystopian novels where everyone is reduced to a number, and the concept of the individual ceases to exist bother me on a number of levels. First, Read more [...]

The Beetle: A Forgotten Classic

The Beetle was first published in March of 1897 in the literary magazine “Answers” as a serial story under the name “The Peril of Paul Lessingham: The Story of a Haunted Man”. Written by the enigmatic Richard Marsh the Serial ran for fifteen weeks and was initially targeted at a lower class audience. Then in September of 1897 the serial was repackaged as a novel and refined for the middle and upper middle class. The name was changed to reflect the tastes of this new audience and the novel Read more [...]

Highbrow? – Hey, It Just Comes with the Territory

Perhaps there are some who visit this site and read our articles and make the accusation that the site is too highbrow.  To them I wish I could apologize but it just comes naturally for us conservative / libertarian types.  To be both you have to cut against the grain and that means you are going to think differently from everyone else.  It is very easy look at entertainment like we do and offer up criticism or praise if you are going to simply say what everyone else is.  It is much harder Read more [...]

Dracula Returns to TV on NBC

Daniel Knauf creator of Carnivàle will be bringing the Dracula legend back to life for NBC in a new ten part series starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the undead Count. Knauf has stated his Dracula will be true to the original monster and will not be one of the current brand of metrosexual, whining, fang boys. I look forward to Mr. Knauf's vision. As a student of Gothic horror, Dracula is one of my favorite Victorian novels right after The Beetle....... Mr. Knauf if you are reading this we need Read more [...]

Aliens and Serial Killers: The New Season of American Horror Story

Spoilers...... I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the first season of American Horror Story. The show is brilliant. As much as I would probably hate the politics of the show runners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk I can give them a pass simply because they are masterful storytellers. If you know anything about me you know that for me story is the most important aspect of any entertainment endeavor. So last season was a masterpiece of the storyteller's art. We have been promised that each season will Read more [...]