Would Super Villains Do a Better Job Running the Country Than Obama?


By any honest measurement Barack Hussein Obama has been a dismal failure as a President. Few if any Presidents have been given as much power in their first term as Obama and done so little. In fact for two years he had an unassailable super majority in congress and still his administration has been unable to do something as simple as craft a budget much less control runaway unemployment, a crippling deficit, and the terrorist overthrow of the middle east. While contemplating how anyone could do much worse than Obama, it came to me: Obama is such a failure that he makes traditional super villains and science fiction dictators look good in comparison. I thought I would compare the achievements of some of the worst bad guys in sci-fi history to Obama. I will rank each villain as low, moderate, or high in four different categories and see how Obama stacks up.

Lex Luthor

Political Experience: High-  Lex has been the President of the United States and brought it back from the verge of economic collapse. Lex used technology from his own company to rebuild cities in the wake of an alien invasion gaining some massive domestic political brownie points.

Unemployment/Economy: High- Unemployment was basically low to nonexistent during Lex’s term as President. His technological advances put America far ahead of other world competitors. Economic prosperity was the top priority of the Luthor presidency and he worked to ensure America would be the capitalist power house of the world.

Morality: Moderate- He attempted to have a political opponent killed and neglected to warn the world about an alien invasion to maintain the reigns of power.

Foreign Policy: High- He formed an intergalactic alliance to fight an alien invasion and he was able to preside over lasting peace treaties between the United States, Russia, and Atlantis.

Victor Von Doom alias Doctor Doom

Political Experience: High- Has been the emperor of the small country of Latveria for over half a century.

Unemployment/Economy: Moderate- While Latveria maintains a very low rate of unemployment and is moderately prosperous economically, Doom loses points because the society has very little upward mobility. With the exception of a small aristocracy, Latveria is a society where all people are equal. They are cared for by the government from cradle to grave. This is a liberal paradise in which government controls all aspects of life.

Morality: High- Doom may be a villain, but he plays by a very exacting set of  rules and code of personal conduct. When the United States Government destroyed Latveria in a war, Doom used a time machine of his own invention to restore the country and it’s people (let’s see Obama pull that off). While Doom may be the absolute monarch no one could accuse him of not loving his country and its people.

Foreign Policy: Low- Doom doesn’t do foreign policy. He built a force field that protects his nation from nuclear assault as well as cuts it off from the outside world. He has gone to war with other countries and individuals over small and often personal slights. He has however sided with other nations and individuals in defending the planet from outside threats.


Political Experience: Moderate- Scorpius has acted as a field commander for multiple Peacekeepers armadas and the chief scientific officer for the entire Peacekeeper empire.   He is used to commanding large contingents of men in battle situations. He has acted as a diplomatic envoy as well and is versed in political espionage.

Unemployment/Economy: LowScorpius has very little economic experience at a national level, but his scientific genius has led to many advancements that could have economically  important ramifications. He has also amassed a personal fortune so he must have some knowledge of economics.

Morality: High- everything Scorpius does is in service to saving the galaxy from the Scarrans. He would beg, borrow, steal or even torture people to do that. We really can’t blame him. The alternative makes a Muslim takeover of the US look favorable in comparison. The Scarrans are evil with a capitol “E” and have no qualms about genetically re-engineering races they conquer to make them more useful and servile to themselves.

Foreign Policy: High- Scorpius has advanced training in dealing with multiple aliens races. He has shown himself a master of political intrigue often getting what he wants in the most precarious of situations. There is probably no one on this list with higher foreign policy credentials.

Anakin Skywalker alias Darth Vader

Experience: High- Second in command of an intergalactic empire. Commander of the entire Imperial battle fleet as well as seasoned soldier, fighter pilot, and diplomat. He has been groomed for command since he was 10 years old.

Unemployment/Economy: High- There seems to have been very little human unemployment during Vader’s period of influence. Also Vader oversaw the conversion of the Imperial army from a slave clone army, that had served the previous Republic, to the freely recruited army of the late Empire. Vader managed several high profile military projects that employed millions of workers.

Morality: Moderate- Vader almost scores a High, but there is the little matter of murdering children when he was a teen. Vader does seem to have ended slavery on Tatooine, outlawed drug dealing, and drove the mafia underground.

Foreign Policy: Low- While Vader’s first job in government was as a diplomatic envoy these diplomatic skills are not as evident in later years. He is unable to stop a rebellion of displaced aristocrats and religious fanatics and even his own children turn against him. Had he made more of an effort to include alien races in the galactic empire he may have had more influence and been able to crush the rebellion.

Barry Soetoro alias Barack Hussein Obama

Political Experience: Low- He barely had any experience as a Senator before becoming President. Most people would not hire this community organizer to manage a hot dog stand after watching the lazy and inept way he treats the office of president. He deserves a none, but showing up on occasion between vacations gets him a low.

Unemployment/Economy: LowNot in the sense that unemployment is low. Obama has presided over the worse unemployment since the great depression. The economy has gone steadily downhill instead of getting better, and for a man who said he would not deserve another term in office if he didn’t fix the problem in three years, he is running pretty hard. Of course, all he knows how to do is campaign…leadership would be nice once in awhile.

Morality: Low- Probably the most corrupt administration in the history of Washington and that is really saying something. He has ignored court orders, covered up scandals by his justice department through the use of executive privilege, and used the power of his office to curry political favors. He is constantly on the campaign trail to such an extent that he has ignored attacks on American embassies and the murder of an ambassador. He prefers to shift the blame from himself to anyone and everyone and will not defend American interests on the international stage.

Foreign Policy: None- We can’t in good conscious give him even a low score in this arena.  For a man who is supposed to be as worldly and cosmopolitan as Obama he is the most miserable failure in the foreign policy department that you could ever imagine. He is so bad that his brother who grew up in a hut in an African ghetto sounds like a foreign policy expert compared to Obama. His first year in office Obama went on a round the world apology tour thinking that debasing America to the third world will garner favor with Islamists. His show of weakness has resulted in the rise of terrorist activity across the globe.


I think we can state without any equivocation that any of the super villains we featured here would do a better job as President than Obama.

4 thoughts on “Would Super Villains Do a Better Job Running the Country Than Obama?

  1. If Superman had brains instead of brawn he’d keep a lower profile. Not that avoiding Lex Luthor’s enmity is such a priority, but the quiet life has its benefits too.


    “Strange visitor from another planet…”,
    I know how that must feel.
    That’s why I’m surreptitious,
    Whenever I bend steel.

    We shouldn’t alarm the natives,
    Just when does Superman sleep?
    Now that they know his secret,
    He has promises to keep.

    Much better to stay quiet,
    And work without the light.
    No need to call attention,
    To having X-ray sight.

    Flying, of course, is forbidden,
    Is it a bird or a plane?
    It just makes complications,
    That are much too hard to explain.

    So all my powers are muted,
    But I don’t have to fear in the storm,
    At least I can quietly glance at my cup,
    And keep my coffee warm!

    NicknamedBob . . . . June 30, 2005

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