Warp Drive? We May Have Had a Breakthrough (cautious optimism)


According to Yahoo News we may have had a breakthrough that will allow faster than light travel with low energy consumption. I have read the article…HERE….I don’t know if I believe they can really do it.  I relish the chance to try. The problem, as I see it, is the exotic matter ring. Producing it is still beyond our capabilities, as far as I know, but the scientists mentioned in the article seem confident they can produce a warp drive effect in the lab on small scales. We will keep our fingers crossed.

2 thoughts on “Warp Drive? We May Have Had a Breakthrough (cautious optimism)

  1. I am skeptical too. I think the first real step to being a spacefaring society is going from using only our planets resources for spacetravel but that of the whole solar system. I guess I think we need to learn how to get around the neighborhood better before we look down the road to the next neighborhood. Of course this is a great theory, but it has a ton of unknowns and need to be deveoloped technologies in order to work. To address these is going to take a little more than a countertop lab experiment. It is probably going to take technologies that can only be developed on say the moon or Mars.

    1. I disagree with the second half of your statement. If this technology works I could care less about our neighborhood. There really isn’t anything here worth our time if there are habitable worlds out there or worlds better suited to terraforming than Mars.

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