The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Dr. William Forstchen Author of “One Second After”







Last weekend I visited the “Self Reliance Expo” in Hickory North Carolina. My main goal in coming to the convention was to meet Dr. Forstchen and hopefully interview him for the Freehold. The interview happened but was not conducted under the best of circumstances.  I taped the interview but it was conducted in the convention hall and the sound quality is not the greatest. Below is a transcript of the interview and I will make available an audio version and host it on The Freehold Radio and Podcast page later in the week.

Dr. Forstchen is a professor of military history at Montreat college. His novel One Second After details the aftermath of an electromagnetic pulse and how it affects the citizens of the small town of Black Mountain, North Carolina. The book reached number eleven on the New York times bestseller list when it debuted in 2009. Dr. Forstchen is also a good friend of Newt Gingrich and they have written a number of books together.

The Hitchhiker asks…


Question 1. Has writing the book One Second After made you more appreciative of the prepper movement in America?


Question 2. What do you believe is the most important thing to be prepared for after an EMP event?

It’s like Maslow’s  hierarchy of needs. Water, Food, medication, security, and then recovery.

Question 3. I have not had a chance to read the book yet but I have been told that refugees come from Charlotte and cities to the east into the mountains. Do you think they would actually head toward the mountains rather than the coasts?

Yes, there seems to be a homing instinct that people think mountains are going to be safe.

Question 4. You spoke to me earlier about your next book. The one about a space elevator. Do you think that is what is going to finally open up space to business?

Yes, One hundred percent. That is why I am writing the book. The technology is already here.

Question 5. Many people on our site are fans of Newt Gingrich (especially me). We wanted Newt to win the nomination. Tell us a little about your political affiliation and your affiliation with Newt?

Newt and I have been friends for twenty years. We’ve written nine books together. I think he would have made a fabulous President (I concur). He has been a  very close personal friend as well. I have a deep love and admiration for him.

Thank you for your time Dr. Forstchen ad I hope we can one day do an interview in a less hectic environment.

One thought on “The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Dr. William Forstchen Author of “One Second After”

  1. I’m intrigued by and hope to follow the Space Elevator concept as explored by Dr. Forstchen. I have envisioned its working on Mars, Earth’s Moon, and in a modified way to reach into the atmosphere of Venus.

    Applying it to Earth has special problems, akin to the other mega-engineering projects people have imagined; a Bering Sea Bridge, a dam at Gibraltar, and restorations of former lakes that could only be called Great; they have to have the cooperation of people in the area.

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