Sorcery, Steam, and Steel – The Second SteamGoth Anthology

Since this is the 100th post on the Freehold I thought I would celebrate with a little unbridled capitalism. Some of you know that I started a small publishing company (Baird publishing) a few months ago. Our first independent title will be published on October 15th. It is entitled Sorcery, Steam, and Steel and was written by some very talented artists from across the US and Canada.

What is SteamGoth/SteamPunk?

SteamPunk is an alternate version of the Victorian period. In the universe of steampunk science advances using steam power and culture becomes stuck in the nineteenth century. SteamGoth is a subgenre of steampunk. It is darker and it encompasses the magical and paranormal side of this alternate Victorian society. The easiest way to distinguish the two is to think of steampunk as science fiction and steamgoth as horror and fantasy. Of course, the lines are often blurred between the two.

This is the second in a series of steamgoth anthologies. The first anthology was produced in association with’s publishing house and is published through them. The new book will be published through Baird Publishing. While Amazon will still do the physical printing, the book itself will be an independently owned publication.

The first anthology Monsters, Magic, and Machines was a dry run to see how the publishing industry worked and if we could bring together the appropriate talent to create the anthology. It will be reissued in November directly through Baird Publishing. The reissuing process has created some problems for us. We have not been able to secure the rights to one of the original stories for the reissue. This means that we have had to replace one story and there will be new content added. We are leaving the original for sale at Amazon through the first of November.  So if you want a copy of the original run without the changes please buy it now because it will not be available after November 1st in any form. Click here to buy Monsters, Magic, and Machines in softback or Kindle versions.

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