Doctor Who Has Become Fan Wank

This article is going to make many people angry. I don't care because it needs to be said. Doctor Who has become fan wank. I am not slamming the performance of Matt Smith who I think is brilliant as the Doctor. I am slamming this current season's writing staff and their inability to craft a believable Doctor Who story. I hate to do this, but I am going to blame Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman. Steven Moffat has crafted some of the most brilliant new Doctor Who villains in years. Both the "Silence"and Read more [...]

The Lucifer’s Hammer Scenario – Part 2 – Aftermath

I finished reading Lucifer's Hammer (review forthcoming soon) and the last part of the book is by far the most intriguing.  The main issue is the initial struggles of the survivors and the attempt to rebuild society.  There is basically a war between two ideals -- one which favors technology and the one that wants to see technology destroyed.  The first is of course led by the reasonable people and the second by religious environmentalist types.   In the end, the technologists win out, Read more [...]

Would Super Villains Do a Better Job Running the Country Than Obama?

  By any honest measurement Barack Hussein Obama has been a dismal failure as a President. Few if any Presidents have been given as much power in their first term as Obama and done so little. In fact for two years he had an unassailable super majority in congress and still his administration has been unable to do something as simple as craft a budget much less control runaway unemployment, a crippling deficit, and the terrorist overthrow of the middle east. While contemplating how anyone could Read more [...]

How Not To Turn a Novel Into a Movie – Case Study: Starship Troopers

Script Writers are an interesting breed especially if they are the kind that attempt to turn novels into movies.  This is particularly true of writers who deal in science fiction and fantasy script writing.  I have had my share of experiences of heading to a movie that was based on a favorite book of mine but none more disappointing than Starship Troopers. As I have pointed out in an earlier post, this was my first Robert Heinlein novel ever.  I read it and fell hopelessly in love with it Read more [...]

Algernon Blackwood Master of Unspeakable Horror

When most people talk about the early writers of horror they invariably discuss H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft was the master of crafting tales of unspeakable dread, but he learned that craft from another. In fact Lovecraft's entire body of work would have probably never been written without the influence of one man. Algernon Blackwood is the English equivalent of Lovecraft and if you haven't heard of him and you love the idea of eldritch horror or Gothic horror than you are missing out on one of the Read more [...]

The Lucifer’s Hammer Scenario

I am currently reading Lucifer's Hammer and I definitely find it fascinating.  I am usually turned off by disaster stories because there always seems to be a resolution where everything goes back to the way it was with very little if any change.  This book is definitely not that at all.  If anything this is one of the most realistic 'future' views of such a disaster.  A comet (or similar body) striking earth is most definitely a real scenario civilization may have to face at anytime. The Read more [...]

Sorcery, Steam, and Steel – The Second SteamGoth Anthology

Since this is the 100th post on the Freehold I thought I would celebrate with a little unbridled capitalism. Some of you know that I started a small publishing company (Baird publishing) a few months ago. Our first independent title will be published on October 15th. It is entitled Sorcery, Steam, and Steel and was written by some very talented artists from across the US and Canada. What is SteamGoth/SteamPunk? SteamPunk is an alternate version of the Victorian period. In the universe of steampunk Read more [...]

The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Dr. William Forstchen Author of “One Second After”

            Last weekend I visited the "Self Reliance Expo" in Hickory North Carolina. My main goal in coming to the convention was to meet Dr. Forstchen and hopefully interview him for the Freehold. The interview happened but was not conducted under the best of circumstances.  I taped the interview but it was conducted in the convention hall and the sound quality is not the greatest. Below is a transcript of the interview and I will make available an audio Read more [...]

Horror Hosts- World of the Weird Monster Show

  I love horror host shows. The bad production values, the horrible dialogue, and even the cheesy special effects. My favorite Horror Host show is currently  World of the Weird Monster  Show. They have been on for seven years in the Chicago area. I found them online and while I live no where near Chicago I have been able to follow them for the past five years online. Now they have moved to The Monster Channel an online 24 hour television station. Check them out on you tube or on Read more [...]

Space Colonization – It Ain’t Like Dusting Crops

If mankind is going to reach for the stars, it is most certainly going to involve some way to travel faster than light speed.  A recent post on this very site, reported the fact that certain scientists are considering warp drive as a possibility.  I am skeptical of such things but then again I am not a scientist.  My thoughts are that this is going to take a while regardless but there two basic schools of thought on how this is going to develop.  1) That we are going to have to colonize Read more [...]