The SteamGoth Anthology Series


I hate to make blatant plugs for things that I have written or I am involved in, however I will make one exception for the SteamGoth Anthology series.

For those who are not familiar with SteamPunk or SteamGoth this is a great primer into the genre. SteamPunk stories take the Victorian era and add science fiction elements to create an alternate world which is more often than not powered by steam and 19th century science. SteamGoth is the slightly darker half-brother of the SteamPunk movement. SteamGoth incorporates stories set in the same sort of alternate 19th century but these tales are darker and involve magic, or horror. The first book of the series Monsters, Magic, and Machines is linked above (the link is to the amazon page) and was written entirely by scientists and high end computer professionals. The stories run the gauntlet from zombie attacks, the depredation of mad gods, Alien visitations, and even a little fantasy intruding into the uptight world of the Victorian era American South.

Yesterday was the deadline for authors to submit their stories for the second anthology. This second book entitled Sorcery, Steam, and Steel should be out before Christmas and it was written by crowd sourcing from various SteamPunk sites across the web.

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