The Greatest of America’s Heroes Has Passed Away


Neil Armstrong really needs no introduction. I don’t have words to tell you what his accomplishment means to me. His one small step is the greatest achievement man has ever made. His tiny step dwarfs the pyramids, it makes the great wall look like a picket fence. His small step is the kind of thing that not only transcends the bounds of this planet it transcends the barrier of race, religion, and nation. His step was a step forward for all mankind. Let us remember this hero of heroes. I have no more words…

2 thoughts on “The Greatest of America’s Heroes Has Passed Away

  1. Yes he was a hero and in the best tradition of hero-dom, he retired into the shadows rather than capitalizing upon his status. He exemplified the “doing the job, just part of the team” model, yet almost all acknowledge that he was the right man in the right place. The Tranquility Landing was not tranquil and was far closer to disaster than most realize. Yes, the Moon effort was national, cold war driven and a total team effort, yet every mission, as proven by Apollo 1 and 13, were crap-shoots! Neil was that pointy-end of the effort and he is a definite HERO! Requiescat in Pace (“rest in peace”)

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