The Eastenders meet the Zombie Apocalypse

What is it that warms the hearts so much when you see people in Great Britain using firearms and enjoying the hell out of it? Shaun of the Dead would have been a much better movie with the application of a little fire power and in Simon Peg’s next movie Hot Fuzz he learned that lesson. Brits plugging away with guns just seems right. Bugger their socialist nanny state. Our cousins across the waves deserve the right to carry heat.

I really like the clip and if the movie lives up to this trailer I may have a new favorite zombie flick. It doesn’t hurt the film that I have a fetish for tough brunette chicks with British accents. Looking at the trailer I have an even bigger fetish for tough brunette British chicks who kill zombies with a HK.

You will notice that Michelle Ryan is in this movie. She was the one showing the elderly how to load an Uzi. She has been in several top shelf British science fiction and fantasy shows for the BBC such as  Doctor Who, Merlin, and Jekyll. She also starred in the short lived reboot of the Bionic women, but don’t hold that against her.

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