Terra Nova verses Land of the Lost…..Showdown Podcast

The dinosaur show with no dinosaurs….Nope I don’t see one
A show so full of dinosaurs there aren’t even people in the show’s splash screen

I know we were going to bring you a Hobbit filled weekend on the podcast but William has laid the gauntlet down. He has dissed my beloved Land of the Lost and told me in no uncertain terms that the horrible Spielberg piece of crap Terra Nova is better. The podcast this weekend will be a show down between the two shows. Land of the Lost with it’s stable of classic science fiction authors verses the special effects heavy and hack written Terra Nova. The Marshalls take on the Shannons in a no holds barred combat to the finish. Tune in Sunday morning for the throw down in Dino-town.

The Podcast will stream live Sunday around noon and will be up on the site for downloading Monday morning. Check us out. The Hungry Angry Show

6 thoughts on “Terra Nova verses Land of the Lost…..Showdown Podcast

  1. Well at least you know to put Terra Nova First in your title and with the pictures , bravo sir. Yes this looks like it is going to be a battle of epic scale.

      1. BTW if anyone is wondering and too lazy to listen to the podcast Terra Nova lost as it was revealed that in the last episode Terra Nova was actually in the Land of the Lost. If you wonder what that means, Listen to the podcast.

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