Are the Wonder Twins Really Mormons?

What religion does your favorite Superhero practice.  The author of this page has tracked down thousands of comic-book references to create a database of hundreds of heroes matched to their philosophical and religious belief systems. This is really worth taking a look at. I had no idea that Superman was a Methodist. They also list environmentalism as a religion….I have said that for years.  The link is here.


6 thoughts on “Are the Wonder Twins Really Mormons?

  1. The list of congregationalists is a little small for my tastes. This is probably because they limited themselves to the UCC. There are actually many congregational organizations and many congregational churches – like mine – are independent. All in all I loved it though. Religion, even in comics, is a major motivating force.

      1. They probably listed Magneto as Jewish because it was in a Nazi concentration camp that his powers first manifested themselves. My guess is that the criteria they are going on is things like that rather than what the hero or villian actually says about their faith.

          1. My expereince with the Roma indicates a mixture of faiths and superstitions. Being Roma is more of a racial idea than a religious one. Makes me wonder, a little why they included it as a faith.

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