The Greatest of America’s Heroes Has Passed Away

  Neil Armstrong really needs no introduction. I don't have words to tell you what his accomplishment means to me. His one small step is the greatest achievement man has ever made. His tiny step dwarfs the pyramids, it makes the great wall look like a picket fence. His small step is the kind of thing that not only transcends the bounds of this planet it transcends the barrier of race, religion, and nation. His step was a step forward for all mankind. Let us remember this hero of heroes. I Read more [...]

Review of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtv6XUT-hno I normally would not review a movie that isn't science fiction or fantasy here. Since Joe Biden is in the film calling Dinesh D'Souza a "science fiction" writer I don't feel too bad about doing this review. This is also a movie about the future and like the best science fiction this is a cautionary tale of a future that could actually happen. I got out of work at lunch today and I thought I would just pop into the movie theater and watch the movie. The movie Read more [...]

Capitalism – The Key to the Stars

I have a bucket list and one of the things on my list is to stand on the surface of the Moon and look down on Earth.  You can't die if some thing on your bucket list isn't done right?  Robert Heinlein was the first I think to postulate that space would be better reached through corporations rather than government agencies.  I believe he was right. Some would argue -  look the moon was reached by NASA.  My response is -- did they stay there?  The answer is of course is NO.  This is very Read more [...]

Not Just No, Hell No… SyFy is remaking Blake’s 7

  SyFy is the channel of death when it comes to science fiction. It ruins franchises and destroys everything it touches. I just learned today that the Syphilis channel is about to remake Blake's 7.  I have longed to see a new Blake's 7 made by the BBC. The BBC understands science fiction and doesn't treat it like a red headed step child. The morons at the SyFy channel can't do justice to Blake and his crew. They don't and can't understand the source material. My prediction will be Blake Read more [...]

Avengers Alternate Ending

  I have been sick today so I have not written anything to share. However I will amaze and delight you with this Avengers alternate ending. In fact this ending is much better than the one played in theaters.   Go to this link to Superheroes Superhusbands to see the ending Read more [...]

Why They Still Died on the Paleo Diet

As a practitioner of the paleo diet (although not perfectly), I get a lot of questions about it.  One of them was aimed more at the philosophy of it.  "If it is so great, why did they not have as long a life expectancy as we do?"  I suppose this is a fair question given the claims of the Paleo Diet. There are many factors that go into computing life expectancy and diet is only one of them. 1. Life expectancy also takes into account the infant death rate.  Remove this death rate and you actually Read more [...]

Gor – Christian Grey Ain’t Got Nothing on This!

Long before the 50 Shades of Grey series by E.L. James, the author John Norman created a world that was completely about dominance and submission. Throughout the 60s and 70s Norman captivated his readers with a world both fantastic and philosophically challenging.  That world was Gor or Counter Earth.  The Gorean Saga, which spans over 20 plus books, postulated a world in which men were completely dominant and women completely subservient.  Gor is located on the opposite side of the sun from Read more [...]

The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Dr. Jerry Pournelle

We have a special treat for our readers this morning. One of my all time favorite authors Dr, Jerry Pournelle.  Having co-authored my third favorite book Lucifer's Hammer (1 and 2 are both Heinlein works) I was a little nervous to contact him and more nervous to actually ask for an interview. Luckily I got over that  and I am very proud to present this interview for our audience here at the Freehold. Normally we like to ask four questions about the person's work and a fifth question being about Read more [...]

I Can’t Stand Gene Roddenberry

Sorry to all you Star Trek fans out there. I may be the only science fiction fan in the universe that really hates his guts. He stands in the annals of history with Karl Marx as one of the most vile perpetrators of socialism and communism this planet has ever known. I call him the used philosophy salesman.... and he was good at that job, one of the best. Today is the anniversary of his birth and I have been constantly reminded of this all morning. Tributes everywhere I look to the man who turned Read more [...]

Are the Wonder Twins Really Mormons?

What religion does your favorite Superhero practice.  The author of this page has tracked down thousands of comic-book references to create a database of hundreds of heroes matched to their philosophical and religious belief systems. This is really worth taking a look at. I had no idea that Superman was a Methodist. They also list environmentalism as a religion....I have said that for years.  The link is here.   Read more [...]