I Can’t Stand Gene Roddenberry

Sorry to all you Star Trek fans out there. I may be the only science fiction fan in the universe that really hates his guts. He stands in the annals of history with Karl Marx as one of the most vile perpetrators of socialism and communism this planet has ever known. I call him the used philosophy salesman…. and he was good at that job, one of the best.

Today is the anniversary of his birth and I have been constantly reminded of this all morning. Tributes everywhere I look to the man who turned the brains of a generation of science fiction fans to utter mush. If only he had passed on ten years earlier. We would never have had to put up with the inane techno-babble ramblings and neo-communist preaching of the Next Generation.

Twenty-one years after this man’s death and every single time communism is brought up I am forced to listen to some fool say, “But it works on Star Trek.” Well, to every idiot that has ever said that let me tell you… “Reversing the polarity of the trans-warp conduits.” That works on Star Trek just as well. The day that warp core conduits exist and how to reverse them is something actually useful to know, then we can talk about communism “working” on Star Trek.

Communism is as much a part of the techno-babble as the rest of Star Trek “speak”. Trek is a show about technology that is based on nonsense and philosophical nonsense that has proven unworkable every time it is tried. Worse than that, it is nonsense that has helped dumb down millions of people who should be the leaders in technology. I know what you are going to say….”look at all this technology based off of things on Star Trek“. Great and you know what made that technology possible. Capitalism pure and simple capitalism. None of those gadgets would have made it to the real world if someone wasn’t willing to buy them or pay money to bring those inventions to life. That very capitalism which runs counter to the entire utopian dream of Star Trek made those a reality.

I could write volumes on how Star Trek is actually a dis-utopia and the fact that Star Fleet is really a despotic government ruling over a vast empire of subjects who are virtual slaves of the state. The fans would not believe me. No matter how much I explain. All I ask is watch the show for yourself. Look at the clothing of characters that are federation citizens and not in Star Fleet. Look at the technology on Picard’s brother’s farm. Notice how there is no independent media and all communications are controlled by Star Fleet. Notice that all human’s are under the jurisdiction of Star Fleet, even when they live outside of it’s borders and break Star Fleet laws outside those borders. Watch Voyager and find out about how there are black markets on Earth. I don’t know why these little Easter eggs are in the show, but they are there, and they give a glimpse behind the curtain. Open your mind and look deeper into the rabbit hole and discover the dream Roddenberry really had for the future. I don’t like that future one little bit.

I had almost forgotten about this site. It goes into depth about the economic realities of the Federation-

The Economics of Star Trek

12 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Gene Roddenberry

  1. Everything good about Star Trek came from Gene…Gene L. Coon that is. Too bad he died almost forty years ago, meaning that Roddenberry ungraciously took all the credit for his hard work. At least Rod Serling acknowledged the contributions of Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont and others to the Twilight Zone, and manned up and took the blame him when an episode didn’t succeed, regardless of whether he scripted it or not.

    Oh, and Firefly/Serenity fans….Gene Roddenbery: Gene Coon = Joss Whedon:Tim Minear. Just check the campaign contributions of the last two, and then ask me if I’m on the right track 😉

  2. Wow. Don’t get me started on Roddenberry.

    First of all, I loved Star Trek: The Original Series and I’m grateful to Roddenberry for creating it. But he was a jerk.

    He was a terrible researcher. He came up with the name “Spock” because he wanted a name that sounded other-worldly. He’d never heard of Dr. Benjamin Spock. Even I had heard of Dr. Spock.

    Then there were the “lithium” crystals in Mudd’s Women. Apparently, Gene hadn’t consulted the Periodic Table, or he would have known that the element already existed. He must have found out later, because it was called dilithium in subsequent shows.

    However, the worst example of Roddenberry’s jerkdom is in how he treated the composer Alexander Courage.

    Courage composed the Star Trek theme music. Roddenberry then wrote lyrics to the music. He didn’t intend for them to be sung. He just wanted to be able to claim 50% of the royalties: “Hey, I have to get some money somewhere. I’m sure not gonna get it out of the profits of Star Trek.”

    This, of course, soured the relationship between the two and Courage declined to compose any more music for Trek after the first season.

    Then there was the fiasco of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Roddenberry’s constant rewrites helped cause the film to go over budget. And the script still sucked. ST:TMP was the first and worst of the Trek films.

    When it came time for the sequel, the producers took Roddenberry took Roddenberry off the production team. The result produced the far superior Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

    Roddenberry also nearly sunk Star Trek: The Next Generation during the first part of the first season. D. C. Fontana, David Gerrold and several other writers left the show because of Roddenberry’s policies.

  3. You guys must all have been touched by evil spirits. That’s the only explanation for your comments which are in bad taste.

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