Eve Online The Ultimate Science Fiction Game of Free Market Capitalism

Do your like free markets? Do you like adventure, intrigue, and massive real-time space combat? Then you are going to love Eve. Eve is a massive and I do mean massive multiplayer online role playing  experience.  Encompassing over 7000 star systems with 30-50 thousand people playing each day. Eve is the closest thing you can get to a real simulation of a space based economy and space combat on the planet. With an economy based on mining and mineral extraction there also come the hazards of pirates and claim jumpers. The game provides a huge amount of computer generated content for those just wishing to remain in the safe sectors of space patrolled by the various governments. However, If you are looking for a little excitement, going outside that sphere is a universe of player driven conflict. Massive player owned corporations and player pirate confederations vie for control of unclaimed space. Massive fortunes are won and lost between star systems.

The game system allows you to customize your character in many different ways. I was able to customize my skill set to create an archaeologist and another of my characters is a research scientist. The career/class options are more intricate and much more advanced than most MMORPGs. I was amazed that this game which emphasizes free market capitalism and individual initiative was created by CCP games a company from Iceland (maybe there is hope for them yet).

Check it out and if you do look me up I am Gideon Woulfe or my alternate identity Lazuli Woulfe or just look up my company AAA Armored Archaeologists [AARCH].

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