Dinosaurs on a Spaceship- This Doctor Who Trailer is Awesome

This trailer packs a punch and includes scenes from what is probably the first attempt at showing dinosaurs on the show since the not so successful attempt back in the 1970s with Invasion of the Dinosaurs.  As an archaeologist I have an obligation to say this now…. we don’t dig up dinosaurs, Sorry, I am asked about dinosaurs all the time. I do love those ancient creatures however almost as much as I love the good Doctor. I can’t wait to see the Doctor deal with them this season.

I love Doctor Who ever since the first moment I saw my first episode which was The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Tom Baker swept the twelve year old me away to far off worlds and exotic times. Doctor Who is probably the reason I became an archaeologist (that seemed to be the reason River Song became one as well…Hmmm). I have always wanted to travel in time and space. Archaeology was the only career besides astronaut that was even remotely similar to being a Time Lord.

Tom Baker will always be my Doctor but Matt Smith is fast becoming the frenetic madman that the Doctor once was and may now be again. I will be counting the days until this airs.

Yes, I am a nerd and a fanboy when it comes to Dr. Who….I even had a subscription to Doctor Who Magazine as a teen. It was maddening to read about episodes of Doctor Who I would not see on PBS for another two or three years.

2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship- This Doctor Who Trailer is Awesome

  1. I did like the old Tom Baker shows but I just can’t get into these new ones, well except the ones with Billie Piper(believe that is her name) now those were good.

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