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Who was the first hot girl who woke up and said; “I think I’ll go to the local fabric shop and make myself a Rouge costume”?  I don’t know, but I for one am glad it happened. When I was growing up being a nerd was not the “cool” thing. In fact there were several times I got pushed around for looking like a dork or knowing to much about comics. It seems that kind of thinking has changed over the years and the fairer half of the sex has noticed. I have been going to cons since the early 90’s and the costumes I have seen in that time range from the “WTF were you thinking” to “holy crap that is bad ass”. This year at Hero’s con in Charlotte, N.C. I spotted a Psylocke and a Havok that were spot on. As can be seen below.

I once thought about making a Boba Fett costume. After a lot of research I found that there were two things stopping me from going ahead with this dream, and yes I have always wanted to be Fett, but the cost was staggering. Some people have spent thousands of dollars on their suits and it does show. If was going to really do it I would go all out. I understand that there is a thing called a budget (I’m poor so I fully get this concept). However I still see cardboard Iron Men and duct tape Sponge Bobs at cons and on the web.  I will say this about those people, they seem happy with their creations and they wear them with pride. Then I see what I call the pros…


I have seen this girl at two Charlotte Hero’s Cons and I have heard that she works in the movies. She is a professional cosplayer and what exactly “pro” is to the world of cosplay I don’t really know but her costumes are top notch.



Another group of costumers I would like to mention are the steam punks. The first time I saw anything like this was in that awful Wild Wild West movie, but I have been seeing more of it over the years. There was only one guy at Hero’s this year but his costume was really cool.


I kind of got off subject but there is no way to just talk about cosplay chicks with out bringing up all areas of the hobby. I hope people continue to perfect their craft and I look forward to the future of cosplay. In closing I will post a couple more of the photos I took this year.


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