Coming to a Home Near You 3-D Movies Without the Glasses

Soon you will be able to purchase a 3-D television that requires no glasses and that allows you to view the 3-D screen from almost any angle. An article in Science Daily published yesterday outlines the new technological advancement. Current 3-D technology relies on the glasses integrating two different views of the scene into a three dimensional whole. The new technology takes the perspective into account from five or more points, allowing the viewer to view what is happening on the screen from many different angles. These autostereoscopic displays are able to create the three dimensional illusion through the use of  technology that can track the depth of the room and the distance the viewer is from the screen. The computer then generates an image in real time based on this information.

These Televisions should be showing up in stores sometime next year. The science fiction dream of Tri-D TV without the glasses is finally here…..where is my damn flying car?

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