Scientists create a solid material six times lighter than air…and all they can think about using it for is batteries?–new-lighter-than-air-material-may-be-holy-grail-for-batteries

Ok it is nice that this material could make lighter more powerful batteries but did these guys consider the real possibilities of this material? Obviously not.

I want to bring to your attention a Roleplaying game from the late 1980’s called Space 1889. This was one of the first forays into the Steampunk genre and it included a substance called liftwood which could only be found growing on Mars. Liftwood was different from this material because it had an anti-gravitational property but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in similar ways.Here are five ways that this material could be used to make life easier and quite a bit more fun.

1. The material is lighter than air and solid……Why not build Sky Ships.

These ships would be made almost entirely out of the new material and be balanced to stay upright. They will need a way to stay aloft because condensing this material increases the weight above that of air but the weight savings for air vehicles using this compared to traditional building materials would be massive. You could sail the oceans of the air with actual sails kept aloft by something as simple as a lawn mower engine driven propeller. Finally I get my flying car.

2. Lighter than air cloth. All those scifi and fantasy stories where characters wore clothing that seemed to float about them or flow from them can be realized with this material. The cosplay aspects of this alone are endless.

3. Balls of this material could be used as packing peanuts. Is that package you are sending across the country costing an arm and a leg to send. Instead of Styrofoam, stuff it full of peanuts made from this material and the package will almost deliver itself. The post office accounting section is going to hate this stuff but the postal carriers are going to love it.

4. Perfectly weighted signs made of this stuff and containing helium will replace balloon advertising. In fact balloons will seem old fashioned and archaic. Anything that a balloon was used for will be accomplished more efficiently with this material but it will be able to be made into any shape you want. Balloons made to resemble dragons or spaceships but instead of being limited to the the roundness of balloons they will have aerodynamic lines. Forget traditional weather balloons when you can use this stuff.

5. The military applications are almost unlimited. I would be surprised if some smart guy at the pentagon isn’t already all over this stuff. Floating spy drones are just the beginning of the military applications. Suddenly the Shield Helicarrier isn’t as stupid an idea as it seems.


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