A Review of The Watch

In my opinion a review should both inform the reader about the movie and who should or should not see the movie. The Watch would be absolutely hilarious to people in their teens that find dick and fart jokes the height of humor. That sums up who should see it and what the movie is about. It is basically one long drawn out dick joke. This kind of humor can be funny and South Park utilizes this kind of sophomoric humor to actually make a few salient points about our society. The Watch fails to do that on all levels. I don’t expect more out of Ben Stiller. He has never helmed a movie I found particularly funny but I did expect Vince Vaughn to deliver. Unfortunately the movie is a vehicle for Stiller not Vaughn. While Vaughn is funny and almost makes this movie worth watching, especially his interaction with Jonah Hill. They are not given near enough screen time. Every time the movie is about to take off it switches back to Ben Stiller and the movie falls flat once again. One bright spot is newcomer to the American cinema Richard Ayoade. He manages to deliver some wonderful one liners and is a treat for anyone who watched him in the British Comedy The IT Crowd. His performance helps make an otherwise drab movie bearable.

The main problem with The Watch is that the first hour drags on unmercifully giving us insight into the personal life of Ben Stiller’s character and being utterly boring in the process. This set up would have been fine if the life of this character had been in some way remarkable or even somehow fatally flawed. He was however just a run of the mill guy with run of the mill problems in a run of the mill community doing run of the mill things. That is a great set up for a movie where an average guy is suddenly confronted with and must battle an invasion from space, if that set up is ten or fifteen minutes long. We get so much more of Ben Stiller’s character and his personal life than we get of the Alien Invasion that it becomes boring and repetitive.There is only so much Ben Stiller any one person can take (nepotism is killing Hollywood).  If the viewer can stomach the pedestrian first half of the movie then there is at least a payoff in the last 45 minutes. Once this group of neighbors begin to confront the aliens the movie becomes watchable. Overall I would suggest that if you are over the age of 22 or 23 just wait and watch this on DVD.


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