A Must See Classic Science Fiction Movie

The Transatlantic Tunnel is in my opinion one of the most important pieces of cinematic science fiction ever made. Released in 1935 this movie not only accurately depicts the rise of television and mobile phones it does it in such a way that these devices are never even commented on in the movie. They are merely background props that add a sense of reality. The movie is chock full of these little background details. For instance the best friend of the main character is obviously a gay man but nothing other than a couple of loaded remarks even address his sexuality. There is also a scene where the same character is smoking pot and it is such a subdued mention that you can almost miss it if you don’t listen closely.

I realize I am making this movie out to be a progressive wet dream but I assure you it is far from that. This movie is about hard work and determination by engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors to create a better world while making a profit. Greedy capitalism wins out in the end and everyone is the better for it……what a concept!

The entire movie is at the link please watch it. You will not regret it.

3 thoughts on “A Must See Classic Science Fiction Movie

  1. Definitely a movie that deserves to be seen more, and it’s interesting to compare to THINGS TO COME, which was scripted by the avowedly socialist H.G. Wells. Many of the great SF classics, such as Destination Moon, The Thing from Another World, and Forbidden Planet, are either explicitly conservative or have obvious conservative subtexts.

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