Welcome to the Freehold

If you are like me and are conservative or at least libertarian and interested in science fiction and fantasy there really is no place on the net that you are not bombarded by throngs of liberals discussing their vision of the future. That isn’t a future I would like to visit.

In the past I frequented places like IO9 and Cracked to get geeky commentary. More often than not however these sites are laced with anti-American and especially anti-liberty attitudes. I just don’t consider science fiction to be the domain of those who seek to limit my potential.
I consider myself a Heinlein conservative which I have described as like a South Park conservative without the toilet humor. This site will be for people like me, rational conservatives and libertarians. People who would be comfortable in the presence of someone like Robert Heinlein, Jerry Pournelle, or Orson Scott Card. We take our science fiction seriously here. Seriously enough to know that Science is the future and that Man’s destiny is in the stars.